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This meeting of the board included five presentations and a number of important decisions… including approval of additional funding to support tourism for Trinity County.

Here are the notes I took regarding the meeting. You will notice some references to time in the notes.  These are provided to help those who would like to watch the portion of the recording being referenced in the notes.  Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions.


Clerk of the Board

1.1 Receive an update from U.S. Forest Service representatives regarding matters of interest in Trinity County. Tara Jones | U.S. Forest Service

  • Reports success in managing several local fires
  • Staffing efforts continue
  • Hyampom field trip coming soon
  • Public meetings took place and Fall meetings are being planned
  • Sweepstakes Trail is complete
  • Burnt Ranch campground should be open soon
  • Recreation Staff – started with 9, added 5, looking for 6 more
  • Hoping to add 16 forestry positions
  • Will move updates to the first meeting of the month

1.2 Receive a presentation from Trinity County Visitors and Development Bureau, Trinity County Historical Society, Weaverville Chamber of Commerce, Hayfork Chamber of Commerce, Trinity County Arts Council, Humboldt Trinity Recreation Alliance, and Trinity County Information Services regarding their coordinated marketing plan. ~ 9:15 AM

  • Karla Avila presented on behalf of all TOT Partner organizations
  • Highlighted the positive impact of tourism on our economy
  • Referenced that at one time these organizations received $150,000 from the county.  Indicated that in 2003 this was reduced to $70,000… with a split that left these groups $43,000.  This led to the elimination of paid staff and a significant reduction in spending to support tourism’s
  • Shared that Trinity County benefits from 10,000 volunteer hours in support of tourism. $200,000 worth of volunteer time.
  • Presentation materials include data points, sample work, plans, etc.
  • Highlighted digital asset library initiative – photos, videos, etc.
  • Noted that these organizations are collaborating to create a streamlined/unified nonprofit (visitors bureau) to lead focused tourism efforts.
  • Shared that working together is already having a strong impact… but that additional funds are needed.
  • Shared details including $65 million in travel-related spending from tourism
  • We are only capturing 5% of the North States regional tourism market
  • Shared examples of neighboring county’s efforts to drive tourism
  • Shared future plans – unified board, stable funding, marketing master plan, streamlined operations, improved communications, coordinated volunteer efforts, new/remodeled visitor center, paid employees
  • Focus is beyond “heads in beds”…
  • Humboldt moved from 40% to 100% of TOT revenues going to tourism
  • Trinity is currently at 16% of TOT revenues going to tourism
  • Shared image and update regarding the new home of the Trinity County Visitor Center
  • Staffing plan includes Executive Director and Support Personnel
  • Presented a proposed budget to support the request for continued receipt of $43,000 plus an additional $127,000 from LAFTC funds.  Adding this to funds raised by the organizations would equal a total of $200,000.  Plans call for doubling the investment in advertising.
  • Heidi Carpenter-Harris mentioned the possibility of attracting people who stop on the coast during cruises.  She also mentioned Old Helena as an area that could be restored and once again become a major asset in the county.
  • Jill Cox mentioned the potential benefit of attracting people who are already in or coming to the North State region.
  • Karla, Executive Director of Trinity County Arts Council, explained how dedicated personnel led efforts to apply for art-related grants totaling $675,000.

County Administrative Office

1.3 Receive a presentation from Graham Knaus, CEO for CSAC regarding National Center for Public Lands Counties. ~ 9:45 AM

  • CSAC’s focus is on empowering counties/supervisors to achieve success… with an understanding of the unique needs of each county.
  • CSAC Grants Initiative – created to assist smaller/rural counties in accessing grant revenues.
  • At Home Initiative – a number of our peer counties have endorsed this CSAC-backed initiative.  Trinity County has not taken action to endorse this initiative.
  • NACO & WIR are requesting 1% of LATCF funds from each county to support a new
    • Focused on PILT funding for counties with high percentages of public lands
    • $750 million that has been provided nationally is always at risk… and has not been increasing.
    • Inyo County – 18,000 residents, 11,000 sq miles, 6 million visitors, 98% public lands
    • NACO & WIR was behind the effort that led to LATCF funding… that doubled the $750 million to $1.5 million
    • CA has two seats on WIR board.  CA has one seat on NACO
    • National Center for Public Lands – 501c3 Organization will collect and share data that will help influence the allocation of PILT funding
    • Asking for a one-time-only contribution that will create an endowment… that will support the ongoing operations of the organization.
    • Closing in on $1 million in commitments from CA counties
    • Costs associated with public lands (wildfire-related work) continue to go up.  This is part of the case being made to increase PILT funding.
    • NACO Board and WIR Board will be meeting later this week to make a go/no-go decision on this initiative.
    • Graham indicated that we will be receiving another $4.8 million from the previously approved funding.
    • CAO – Trent Tuthill confirmed that funds equivalent to the 1% funding request have been set aside for a board decision that will be on the next agenda.

Health and Human Services

1.4 Receive a presentation from the Public Health Branch regarding the completed Community Equity Assessment. ~ 10:18 AM

  • Presentation materials and supporting documentation are included in the 1,438 pages of Agenda backup materials.
  • Representatives of the team that led this process were in attendance to present the findings
  • Goals of Assessment
    • Identify key drivers of health inequities in Trinity County
    • Identify potential strategies to address health inequity in Trinity County
    • Inform Equity Strategic Plan
  • Economics is a big factor
    • 23% of Trinity County residents live below the federal poverty level (12% for CA as a whole)
    • 31% of families with children under 18
    • Lower workforce participation rate in Trinity County (56%) vs. statewide (78%)
      • There are mental/behavioral health benefits to being employed
  • Living Conditions
    • A significantly higher percentage of Trinity County residents live in high-risk areas for wildfires (compared to the state average).
    • Trinity County has the highest rate/cost of child care services
    • Trinity County has a premature death rate that is twice the state level.  We have the highest level in the state.
      • Deaths of Despair – (suicide, drug overdose, etc.)
      • TC suicide rate is 4 times the state average
  • Definition of Equity
    • “Meeting people where they are”
    • Ensuring that people have access to the things (knowledge, opportunities) to lead healthy and productive lives and to achieve their full potential
    • Equity is everyone has the same tools and resources they need to access care
  • Barriers to Equity
    • The list included “anti-government sentiments, distrust of local government, the culture of independence… and normalization of unhealthy behaviors, public apathy
  • Greatest Opportunities for Impact
    • The list included partnerships, improved accessibility of services, developing and maintaining trust, and robust communication with micro-communities
  • Predominant Themes
    • The list included – Impact begins with authentic, personalized engagement, social safety nets still leave many exposed, housing is a fundamental component of stability, identity (Trinity County ruggedness, etc.) may be leveraged to combat distrust
  • Strategies & Recommendations
    • Build sustainable partnerships
    • Expand broadband access
    • Increase community-based services
    • Support affordable housing initiatives
    • Expand workforce investments
    • Pool resources for broader impact
  • Next Steps
    • Develop the Equity Action Plan
      • Re-engage, develop a steering committee, and more…
  • This was a sobering and very informative report that shines a light on important issues that we need to address.


1.5 Adopt a proclamation recognizing the week of July 17-23, 2022 as Probation Services Week. ~ 11:19 AM

  • Ruby Fiero | Chief Probation Officer appeared to represent and acknowledge her team
  • Chair Cox read the proclamation, the board approved and presented the proclamation


  • Chair Cox presented a report from our most recent closed session.  This covered labor negotiations


  • Acknowledgment that the Visitor Center is now open in its new location
  • Concern raised regarding the ongoing economic impact due to the management of water coming in and going out of Trinity Lake
  • Concern was raised that changes in the timing/volumes of releases this year have potentially led to warmer water and infections of coho salmon.  Shared that current estimates of infection at the hatchery are 20%.  Mentioned that the only response to address this issue is to release additional water to reduce river water temperature.  Asked for the board to look into this.
  • Comments were made that the county took action to protect the Trinity County logo without pursuing trademark protection.  Asked for clarity regarding this matter.  Mentioned that he has not heard anything regarding the investigation launched in response to a PRA request.
  • Questions were raised as to how/why the cannabis ordinance update process does not include sharing details regarding planned changes vs. waiting until all proposed updates are ready to be released.
  • Shared view that the Tub Grinder should be sold – so that funds could be allocated to enhanced operations of the solid waste facilities.


2.1 I. Report from Department Heads

  • Drew Plebani | Cannabis Division
    • 215 active cultivation permits, 4 more going out today
    • 252 Appendix C documents reviewed and approved
    • 417 Appendix C documents submitted

II. Report from County Administrative Officer | Trent Tuthill ~ 11:40 AM

  • Shared update regarding the cyber incident involving Trinity County systems.
  • Shared an update on the program related to economic support for those impacted by the restriction on fishing.  We received a sufficient number of responses to support our filing for participation in the program.
  • Described efforts to continue work in housing/grants.
  • Budget development process update.
  • Shared positive comment sent into the county regarding Windy from the Hayfork Solid Waste Transfer Site.

III. Reports from Members of the Board of Supervisors

District 1 | Ric Leutwyler

  • I was in Yreka last week for a two-day meeting of the NCRP (North Coast Resource Partnership).  More details are provided below.
  • Airport Advisory Committee – DOT Director Panos Kokkas has confirmed the timing and location of the first meeting this year of the committee.  This meeting will take place on Monday, July 31 from 3 PM to 4 PM in the meeting room of the Redding Rancheria facility in Weaverville.
  • Trinity County Fire Chiefs Association – This group met on Monday, July 10th.  There was some discussion regarding the need for updates to ordinances as it relates to the legal use of fireworks.
  • Superior California Economic Development District (SCEDD) – The Executive Director of this organization is involved in ongoing discussions regarding Trinity County’s economic development efforts.
  • North Coast Resource Partnership (NCIRWMP) – I represented (as our designated alternate) Trinity County in this two-day meeting in Yreka – last Thursday and Friday.  I was very impressed with the work being done by this organization and with the manner in which all parties collaborated to achieve the strongest results. I will share a separate update on this meeting in the near future.  The board needs to determine if I will remain active and accept ad-hoc committee invitations or if the primary/secondary representatives will take on these roles.
  • Constituent Concerns
    • I recently heard from a number of constituents with concerns.  The concerns covered a range of issues including road repairs, environmental health requirements/actions, cannabis-related matters, and more.
    • CAO – Trent Tuthill and I were in Coffee Creek yesterday to meet with constituents and we have been in touch today regarding this and other matters.
    • Please know that we are committed to finding the best way forward for Trinity County.
  • Departmental Budget Reviews – I invested approximately 30 hours in this process over the last two weeks.  It was an informative process that gave me greater insight into the complex manner in which our various departments are funded, the obligations these departments have (by law), and the challenges we face in finding the best way to reduce our preliminary budget by over $6 million.

District 2 | Jill Cox

  • Attended RCRC (Rural County Representatives of CA) meeting. Included highlights of key initiatives that RCRC is either supporting or opposing on behalf of rural counties

District 3 | Liam Gogan

  • Attended the fair… which was a huge success
  • Acknowledged “gill rot” outbreak… shared that reports indicate “above average” infection rate
  • Congressman Huffman submitted a supportive letter regarding the re-consultation process that is underway regarding water management.

District 4 | Heidi Carpenter-Harris

  • Offered apologies for missing the last board meeting due to health issues
  • Went on big ranch tour with the collaborative
  • Went on the boat tour with the TRRP
  • Participated in a meeting regarding prescribed burns
  • Leaving for NACO this week and CSAC in coming weeks
  • Volunteer Fire Departments are reporting improvements in emergency communications

District 5 | Dan Frasier

  • Met with someone from Humboldt State University who is studying fire recovery.  Will compare findings/differences between fire recovery in rural areas vs. urban areas.

IV. Reports from Ad Hocs:

A. Trinity County Water

B. Cannabis Ordinance

  • We recently decided to lengthen the amount of time allocated to preparing proposed updates to our ordinances.  This allowed more time for staff to focus on time-sensitive application processing and it ensures that we have ample time to fully consider options.
  • Public workshops will likely take place during the later part of 2023 and/or early 2024.
  • An email address ( is available for submitting public input. These emails are automatically routed to each member of the ad hoc committee.
  • Dan Frasier clarified that this ad-hoc committee is different than the one in place last year.  The previous ad-hoc was put in place to provide support while the staff was very limited.  This committee is focused the ordinances themselves and there will be substantial opportunity for public comment and engagement.

C. Economic Development

  • Work continues on many fronts.  I recently shared two economic development updates.
  • A public workshop focused on Trinity County Economic Development is taking place this Wednesday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM in the meeting room of the Redding Rancheria – Weaverville location.  This will be a highly interactive session that I hope has strong attendance.
  • Alec Dompka (UC Cooperative Extension) toured the CD Hall with Jill Cox to gather information to be used in developing an economic impact study.


  • The board approved all items as presented.


Behavioral Health Services

4.1 Waive the reading of and enact an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 2.34.050 pertaining to Children and Families First Five Commission, introduced June 21, 2016.

  • The board approved this item as presented.

Clerk of the Board

4.2 Pursuant to Trinity County Code Section 8.90.170 consider Aidan Carroll request for exemption from the Code Enforcement Appeal Fee of $1,050 for Notice of Violation No. 1356

  • This decision was not about the notice of violation… it was focused on the appeal fee.
  • The applicant shared documents and addressed the board with a description of efforts to get in full compliance for cultivation permits.
  • The applicant’s annual income is below the federal poverty line for a family of six.
  • The board approved this item as presented.




1.1 Approve amendment number 1 to the agreement with Roger Brown Construction Company, Inc. increasing the maximum cost by $200,000 to provide transportation of storm-related spoils to a designated disposal site adjacent to the Hyampom Airport.

Maximum Cost of Contract is increased by $200,000, resulting in $300,000 to be reimbursed at 93.75% by FEMA/CALOES.

  • The board approved this item as presented.



4.3 Discuss and/or provide direction to staff regarding the approval of the allocation of $127,000 of LATCF funds for TOT Partners based on today’s presentation. $127,000 from Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Funds. County Administrative Office ~ 2:00 PM

  • On 6.20.23 the board voted to set aside $127,000 of the LATCF funds for a final decision by the board.
  • Public Comment
    • Comments offered in support of this matter… including plans to continue this funding level for three years.
    • Support was offered, including reference to the potential return on investment to the county.
    • Support was offered and a suggestion was made that the TOT Partners include events put on by other organizations in the county.
  • The board approved this item as presented.

4.4 Waive the reading of and enact an ordinance adding Trinity County Code Section 2.05 – County Seal.

  • Public Comment
    • Comment shared that this is a waste of time.
  • The board approved this item with the addition of staff direction to pursue trademark registration.


4.5 Acknowledge receipt of the CAO’s response to the Grand Jury Report: DER 2022-001 Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Report.

  • The board voted to acknowledge receipt.

Human Resources

4.6 Take the following actions effective July 1, 2023:

1. Approve a side letter agreement with the General Unit revising salaries;

2. Adopt a resolution revising salaries for Non-Rep General employees;

3. Approve a side letter agreement with the Management & Confidential Unit revising salaries;

4. Adopt a resolution revising salaries for Non-Rep Management employees; and

5. Adopt a resolution approving a revised alphabetical listing of classifications and salary schedules for  Trinity County employees.

Approximately $1,032,900 from the General Fund and $2,143,459 from Non-General Fund Departments. In-Home Supportive Services Authority

  • The board approved this item as presented.


4.7 Approve a side letter agreement with IHSS establishing Registry Rights and replacing the page/placeholder with the updated agreement.

  • The board approved this item as presented.



5.1 Government Code Section 54954.5(e) – Threat to Public Services or Facilities Consultation with Stephanie Augusta, Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent.

BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

BOARD VIDEO RECORDINGSclick here to access video recordings of board meetings.

I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


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