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This meeting included four presentations – two were regarding proclamations, the third was an update from the TOT-funded partners regarding the use and impact of funding provided by the county, and the fourth was from the Fire Safe Council. The board addressed a number of important matters including modifications to the Limited Density Rural Dwelling Ordinance, appointment of Margaret Long as County Counsel, renewing our contract with Trent Tuthill for another year as Trinity County CAO, and establishing a temporary process to address three existing opt-out requests.


A.1. Board of Supervisors – Adopt a proclamation of appreciation that recognizes Older Americans Month to recognize and honor Trinity County older adults and their immense influence on every facet of American society. No fiscal impact.

  • The board approved this proclamation and presented it to PSA2 Chair – Supervisor Cox.

A.2. Health and Human Services- Admin – Adopt a proclamation recognizing the retirement of Michael Cottone, Deputy Director of Health & Human Services. No fiscal impact.

  • The board approved this proclamation and presented it to Michael Cottone.

A.3. Board of Supervisors – Receive a presentation from Trinity County Visitors and Development Bureau, regarding Marketing. No fiscal impact.

  • Karla Avila | Executive Director of Trinity County Arts Council & Board Member of Trinity County Visitors Bureau
    • 6,000 volunteer hours
    • First unified campaign
    • Feel that they can almost double the impact of their efforts/funds
    • 2nd highest recovery rate for tourism (post covid)
    • 2nd highest increase in tourism revenue recover (one year)
  • Saurabh Sharma | Director of Marketing – Trinity County Chamber
    • Shared Visit California data regarding tourism revenues
      • $74.1 million in travel-related spending
      • $5.0 million in tourism-related state and local tax revenue
      • 621 tourism-related employees
    • Adjoining counties are excited to work with Trinity’s unified campaigns
    • Working to promote local businesses – to encourage people to stop on their way to the coast
    • Shared presentation (in backup materials for the agenda)
      • Targeting people who historically chose Tahoe… among others
      • Blog, Videos, Social Proof Videos, Influencer Videos, Infographics, ebooks (per activity), Live Events.
      • New partnership in Redding that will highlight our videos
    • Developing content/template that will help small businesses promote themselves
    • Updating website – including mobile-friendly aspects (responsive design)
    • New logo presented
    • The LaGrange Classic will be highlighted/promoted by partners – exposure to 30,000+ people
  • A detailed report was submitted regarding TOT-funded partners efforts, use of funds, impact, etc.

A.4. Board of Supervisors – Receive a presentation from the Trinity County Fire Safe Council regarding programming and ongoing hazard mitigation planning efforts. No fiscal impact.

  • Skylar Fisher | Fire Safe Council
    • Fire Safe Council meeting this month
    • Highlighted Fire Safe Council Programs – Neighborhood Ambassadors, Local Area Advisor, Wildland Fire Home Assessment, Firewise Communities Coordination, Blue Dot, Firewise Education
      • Lewiston & Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Departments can provide the free home assessments… and they receive $100 from grant funds for each assessment.
      • Reporting wildfire prevention work – when you report the work you’re doing on your property to the Fire Safe Council it helps them build the impact story for each Firewise Community – a requirement of maintaining this status.
      • Community Chipping – underway now. Will be available again in October.
    • Planning Efforts
      • Hazard Mitigation Planning – draft plan is available online and in 10+ locations around the county.
      • Evacuation Plan & Routes – also available for review
      • 2025 Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update – underway now.
    • Implementation
      • Greater Willow Creek Community Wildfire Resilience Project
      • Downriver Trinity Community Wildfire Protection Project
      • 2023 Trinity County Title III
    • County Coordinator Program
      • CalFire Program – flexible funding grant
    • Expected Outcomes – shared detailed list of deliverables and outcomes for the balance of the year.
    • Contact Information
      • 530 623-6004

A.5. Human Resources – Receive a presentation and adopt a resolution for Trinity County to participate in the PARS Post-Employment Benefits Trust Program, appoint the Director of Human Resources as the County’s Plan Administrator, and authorize the County’s Plan Administrator to execute the documents to implement the Program. No fiscal impact.

  • Mitch Barker | Senior Consultant – PARS
    • Funds can only be used for Pension and OPEB
      • We have been in OPEB Trust since 2006 (Trinity was first)
        • Current assets $20,610,672 ($3 million of investment earnings)
        • Approximately 37% funded
      • This is an opportunity to join the combo trust (adding pension)
        • Approximately 59% funded
        • Projected contribution amount – $9.9 million
        • CalPERS has only one investment model – leans toward higher risk – has not performed especially well – was down 8.6 2021-2022
        • Trust has five model portfolios – most common is moderate or moderately conservative
        • Tiered fee schedule – we would start at the next-to-lowest fee level due to the amount of funds in the OPEB Trust.
    • Allows for greater rates of return than retaining funds in treasury
    • No set up cost or minimums
  • The board approved this matter as presented


  • none


2.1 I. Report from Department Heads

  • none

II. Report from County Administrative Officer (11:00 AM)

  • Solid Waste Update – additional work completed in response to Grand Jury Report.
    • Shifting of location for some items (carpet and mattress)
  • CSAC Institute Graduates
    • Several department heads participated in the program – earning certifications in leadership.
  • Employee Recognition – compliment received for Lisa

III. Reports from Members of the Board of Supervisors

  • District 1 | Ric Leutwyler
    • NoRTEC Strategic Planning – wrapped up work on facilitation of strategic planning process for this organization.
    • SCED Strategic Planning – just beginning work on facilitation of strategic planning process for this organization.
    • PSA2 Meeting – Two major initiatives were completed by staff over the last few months.
  • District 2 | Jill Cox
    • RCRC – attended recent meetings
      • Photo Contest – opportunity for residents to share photos that could be selected for awards
    • AT&T Carrier of Last Resort – request to eliminate this status was denied.
  • District 3 | Liam Gogan
    • No out of county travel
    • Firewise Fair in Hayfork – great turnout
    • Trinity Management Council – participated in monthly call. 2 day in-person meeting in June
    • Town Hall Meeting in Hayfork
  • District 4 | Heidi Carpenter-Harris
    • Community-raised concerns
      • Elections – important to ensure that we are following all State & Federal election laws. Specific concern related to same-day voter registration/voting.
      • River-related deaths – two deaths downriver already this Spring.
      • PG&E response to damage finally took place.
    • NACO – Western Region Conference & Subcommittee Call
      • Attended in Yosemite
      • Site visits were informative
    • TMC Monthly Call
    • Great Redwood Trail – met with representatives regarding potential concerns
    • Wildfire Risk Reduction Tour – participated
    • Road Funding – significant funding available for rural counties to plan for projects
    • Community Wildfire Defense Grant – downriver area received millions via this program.
  • District 5 | Dan Frasier
    • Ruth Lake Community Services District meeting
    • North Coast Unified Air Quality – adopted annual budget
      • X Factor raised (hourly portion of their costs) 11% increase will help balance the budget. This will increase the cost of permits for businesses

IV. Reports from Ad Hocs:

  • A. Trinity County Water – no report
  • B. Cannabis Ordinance – staff is working on drafts


  • The board approved all items on the consent calendar as presented.


E.2. Trinity County Transportation Commission – Conduct a public hearing to receive comments on Unmet Transit Needs as required by the Transportation Development Act. No fiscal impact.

  • No input received regarding unmet needs this year.
  • One item put forward fell under para-transit services
  • Public Comment
    • Trinity Center / North Lake Area – need for services
  • Next Steps
    • Will discuss needs in Hayfork and North Lake Area with H&HS.  Review budgets, determine how to move forward.
    • June 4th – this will be brought before the board


E.1. Community Development – Building – Waive the reading of and enact an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 15.25 pertaining to Limited Density Rural Dwellings, introduced May 7, 2024. Fiscal impact unknown.

  • Staff report did not make it into the backup material. It reflects additional information/input received during our last discussion on this matter.
  • The board approved this matter as presented

F.1. Community Development – Natural Resources – Adopt a resolution approving the Environmental Review for the Trinity Headwaters Forest Conservation for the Community Benefit Project. No fiscal impact.

  • David Colbeck
    • Trinity County is called upon to approve the NEPA portion of the application since this is partially funded by HUD (federal source of funding)
    • 10,000 acres land acquisition for conservation – in large part, led by The Watershed Center.
    • Approval required for this application to move forward – with a deadline of 5.23.2024
    • Categorical Exclusion for NEPA – including review.
  • Appreciated offered for Nick Goulette for his vision and perseverance, and to all others who’ve worked long and hard to make this possible.
  • The board approved this matter as presented.

F.2. County Administrative Office – Appoint Margaret Long as County Counsel and award to Prentice Long, PC the contract to provide County Counsel services to Trinity County. Approximately $605,000 per year from the General Fund and various departments receiving non-general counsel services.

  • Trent Tuthill | CAO
    • Highlighted items from staff report
      • 5 proposals received in response to our RFP
      • Staff & Board reviewed responses
      • Interviews were scheduled with 3 of the firms
      • Board provided direction to staff – pursue contract with Prentice Long
    • Other items of interest
      • Prentice Long was not involved in the document preparation, review, etc.
      • Outside counsel were involved to help guide the process, development of questions, participation in interview process.
      • In-house county counsel was considered. The role was posted/advertised at the same time as the RFP. No responses received.
      • All firm representatives were asked the same questions as part of the interview process.
      • The press release regarding moving forward with Prentice Long was not reflective of a final selection/board decision. Today’s vote is the final adoption of the contract.
  • The board approved this matter as presented.

F.3. County Administrative Office – Approve amendment number 1 to the employee contract with Trent Tuthill, extending the term to April 18, 2025 and adding one week of professional leave to provide County Administrative duties. Approximate cost in salary and benefits per month at step C is $24,212.

  • Trent Tuthill | CAO
    • Previous contract expired in April
  • The board approved this matter as presented.

F.4. County Administrative Office – Adopt a resolution establishing a temporary process until the General Plan is approved to address the three existing opt out requests. Fiscal impact unknown.

  • Trent Tuthill | CAO
    • Minimal Cannabis Division staff used to pull this together
    • Temporary Process – prepared based on board input and previously approved opt-outs that were petition-driven.
  • The board approved this matter as presented.

F.5. Human Resources – Adopt a Trinity County Human Relations (HR) policy establishing a workplace violence prevention program. No fiscal impact.

  • Trent Tuthill | CAO
    • State policy changes required something like this to be put in place by July of this year.
    • We mirrored the work of other rural counties represented by Trindel.
  • The board approved this matter as presented

Closed Session Report Out

F.1. Government Code Section 54954.5(f) – Labor Negotiations County’s Designated Representatives: Laila Cassis, Margaret Long and Suzie Hawkins Employee Organizations: General Unit

  • Direction to staff.

F.2. Government Code Section 54954.5(e) – Public Employee Evaluation: County Administrative Officer

  • Direct to staff


G.1. Government Code Section 54954.5(c) – Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation No. of Cases: One • Westlands Water District V all Persons interested in the matter of the contract between the United States and Westlands Water District (Fresno County Superior Court Case No. 19CECG03887)

  • Direction to staff