Ric Leutwyler

Tapping Into the True Potential of Individuals & Organizations

Leadership is Action, Not Position!

An organization’s greatest potential is only realized when the true potential of each and every team member is unleashed.

Innovate With Purpose

Innovating with purpose channels the creativity of your team into the realization of your vision.

Tap Into Creativity

Go beyond thinking outside of the box – eliminate the box! Then join your team in creating a new reality.

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Engage Heart & Mind

Engaging both hearts and minds builds unity, loyalty and pride.

Giving Back Matters

Engage the heart of your organization by “giving back” as a team.

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Aim for Greatness

Setting your sights on greatness matters to your team, your customers and your bottom line.

Greatness Matters

Perfection is elusive. Greatness is inspiring. Don’t settle.


Focusing your time and energy on what matters most maximizes impact.

Focus on What Matters

Invest in creating focus for yourself and your organization. Let go of the rest.

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Be Intentional

Tapping into the full potential of your organization requires intention and effort.

Intention is Powerful

Invest time and energy in truly connecting with your team. You’ll be amazed at the return on this investment.

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Strategize Together

Involving team members throughout the organization in strategic thinking builds alignment.

Be Strategically Opportunistic

Tap into strategic thinking outside the executive team.  Then lead the team to become strategically opportunistic.

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Hotel Business | December 15, 2014

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the great teams, organizations and initiatives that I’ve been a part of.  The last few years provided great opportunities to talk about innovation, culture and the future of cloud based technology solutions.

You can get more details with these links:

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”


I’ve been blessed to spend time with so many talented people over the years.

Here is what a few had to say about our time together.

Todd Arviso | Vice President Revenue Management Americas at Hilton Worldwide

Starting a new company and bringing it to market is overwhelming. While there are thousands of books and online resources available, none have matched the impact from my personal interactions with Ric. He has tremendous vision, passion, expertise, and a genuine interest in our success. Our Board of Directors and investors were thankful that we were able to engage Ric to transfer his expertise and past experiences into my personal development as a new CEO.

Ric is thoughtful, strategic, and insightful. In addition to his involvement with my personal development, our team has benefited from his investment of time and his leadership in the strategic development of our company’s business.

I am thankful to have Ric as both a mentor and a great friend, and can now see first hand how he would positively impact any organization that he is involved with. If you company is searching for a thought leader who is strategic, passionate, and wants to achieve greatness, I recommend hiring Ric

Renie Cavallari | Leadership Development | Strategic Consulting | Sales & Service Training

A rare and truly strategic leader. Ric has the knack for taking on dynamic and challenging situations and turning them around. Ric makes courageous decisions that have driven significant results both in reinventing service cultures and revamping global sales and service organization.

In addition, Ric has the ability to work in big, complex corporate environments while making his people feel connected and empowered as if it were a small organization. And he is fun, compassionate and a thinker

Christine Tan | Vice President, Sales Asia Pacific, Trust International

I worked with Ric during my tenure at Pegasus Solutions as VP Sales and Account Management Asia Pacific. As a direct report, he encourages you to constantly challenge yourself to reach your true potential. He was very supportive of his team and makes great efforts to engage team members in different countries and to understand the cultural differences. He took time to travel all over Asia Pacific with the team so he could personally hear from the customers and connect with them.

Ric also demonstrated a vast knowledge of the travel industry from both a sales and marketing perspective. He was excellent in creating PR opportunities and helped enhanced our company’s profile in the market. I have enjoyed knowing Ric as a friend and as a supervisor and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to an organization seeking a strong and experienced professional.