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I often refer to my efforts related to economic development… and to the momentum that I see building here in Trinity County.  This post provides a quick overview of some key components of the momentum I’ve been referencing.

  • TOURISM – The TOT-funded partners have made a lot of progress toward unifying/aligning their efforts for greater impact.  They are also working on their presentation to the board and on a request for a share of the $4.8 million to invest into Tourism.  You may have seen some of the short videos being produced to promote tourism and support our local businesses. I am told there is much more to come.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION – A group of local leaders is preparing to launch a nonprofit that will be focused on Trinity County Community Development.  Their goal is to facilitate initiatives that will enhance the wellbeing of residents and business owners. I will have more to share about this soon.


  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WEBSITE – The website address (domain) is now reserved for our use.  I haven’t even started on site design/construction.  The goal for the site to host economic development content (in the form of articles, links, forms, reports, etc.) that will help build engagement, momentum, and impact.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & CANNABIS – Based on data I received last week, we can expect to see over $32,000,000 in increased revenues to local cultivators/residents.  And we can expect over $500,000 in tax revenues.  Here are some of the supporting details:
    • With a rough estimate of 400 lbs of product (for a 10,000 sq ft operation) and an estimated price of $500 per pound, this equates to $200,000 of income to local cultivators – a portion of which flows into our local economy.
    • As of last week, our Cannabis Division reported 169 active cultivation permits (compared to 7 at this time last year). This translates into the potential for $33,800,000 in income.
    • At approximately $3,000 in cultivation tax revenues per cultivation permit, It also translates into $507,000 in tax revenues for the county.
    • Based on discussions with the owner/operator of our first local cannabis dispensary, we can can also expect a healthy contribution of sales tax revenues from retail sales of cannabis.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DATABASE – The group of local leaders mentioned above is also working on a relational database that is being used to gather/manage data regarding economic development initiatives, resources, funding sources, etc.  Some of our regional partners in economic development have indicated an interest in expanding the use of this platform.  Here is a link to the form (still in rough stage of development). You can use this link to share information regarding initiatives that you would like to support/promote for economic development in Trinity County.
  • CERF FUNDING OPPORTUNITY – The CERF program is nearing the point at which we can begin to submit our proposals for selection/funding.  This is an opportunity to access funds and support for building out plans for key economic development initiatives here in Trinity County. Nick Goulette (Watershed Center) is on the Steering Committee for this.  I will be attending the next meeting on his behalf (due to a scheduling conflict).  We are pushing forward to ensure we are ready with strong proposals to get (at least) our fair share of the $5 million in funds available for the North State area.  This link provides more information.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ROUNDTABLE & PUBLIC WORKSHOP – local leaders are working to establish a formal economic development roundtable (leaders who are committed to actively supporting economic development) and to host a public workshop.  There are a number of objectives for the public workshop – but the top priority is to identify the proposals that we will submit for CERF funding consideration.  The target timeframe for this is July… as we anticipate that CERF proposals will be accepted soon after that.  Please let me know if you are interested in attending the Public Workshop?
I would like to acknowledge Jill Cox for her efforts to initiate economic development efforts last year.  I’m so glad that she invited me in to work with her and the others she had been meeting with to reinvigorate economic development efforts here in Trinity County.  I believe her efforts played a significant role in building the momentum we are experiencing today.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

BOARD VIDEO RECORDINGSclick here to access video recordings of board meetings.

I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.



Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement