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This meeting included two presentations – one from a U.S. Forest Service representative, and the other from the Sheriff’s Department regarding the Animal Shelter & Animal Rescue services. The agenda included a number of budget-related decisions and two Human Resources policies. This was a relatively short meeting that wrapped up prior to noon.


A.1. Clerk of the Board – Receive an update from U.S. Forest representatives regarding matters of interest in Trinity County. No fiscal impact.

  • Ben Sundall
  • Land acquisition update – late 2024, early 2025 complete acquisition of lands (approximately 7,000 acres
  • Partnerships – fuels management
  • Planning – 5 year program of work submitted last week. Includes Hyampom, Big Ranch, Hayfork. The plan was well received. Information will be shared during upcoming public meetings
  • Digital Path Cameras – agreement should be signed soon
  • Trinity Center Area – work continues in this area.
  • Prescribed Fire – Hyampom and Hayfork Fire Departments now have agreements in place for support of prescribed fire projects.
  • Fuels Implementation – working on the roadsides near Denny.
  • Fire Suppression – already dealt with a few small fires. More than double the number of units staffed this year (than last year). Hot Shot crew has more staff this year as well.
  • Campgrounds – almost all campgrounds open.
  • Open House Meetings – still working on schedule/locations.
  • Trinity Center Marina – docks in place, fuel coming….

A.2. Sheriff – Receive a presentation regarding Animal Shelter operations and available resources. No fiscal impact.

  • Brian Ward
  • Two Animal Control Officers – one is assigned as the Animal Shelter Manager
    • Calls – average of 550 calls for service each year.
    • Services – broad range includes rabies/licensing clinics, spay and neutering vouchers, quarantines/bite investigations, cruelty investigations, public outreach, animal rescue group lead, etc.
    • Trends – increase in Shepard and Mail breeds (high energy breeds).
  • Shelter – 17 dog kennels, 17 cat cages, 3 play yards, 1/2 acre fenced in yard for larger animals.
    • Calls – average 1,400 phone calls per year. Takes in about 500 animals per year.
    • 2023 Stats…
  • TASA – Trinity Animal Shelter Auxiliary – nonprofit dedicated to support of the shelter
  • Animal Rescue Group – average of 15 to 20 volunteers who are sworn in as disaster service workers and asked to participate in trainings throughout the year.


  • None


C.1. Report from Department Heads

  • Reports received via email
  • No presentations by Department Heads

C.2. Report from County Administrative Officer

  • Public Defender RFP – three responses, interviews completed last week. July 1st will be start date. June 18th board meeting will include contract.
  • Housing Element Virtual Meeting – tonight.
  • Preliminary Budget – June 18th agenda will include preliminary budget. This year the preliminary budget will not reflect 100% of requested budgets… it will reflect about 40% of request as needed to cover operations until the final budget is approved.
  • State Budget – work continues. We do anticipate changes in funding at the county level.

C.3. Reports from Members of the Board of Supervisors

  • District 1 | Ric Leutwyler
    • SCED – led first strategic planning session during recent board meeting.
    • Youth Advocacy Event – tremendous effort by high school youth and adult allies
    • TCDC – Hayfork community development meeting had strong turnout and great discussion.
    • NoRTEC – missed the board meeting due to our special joint session regarding the Zoning Ordinance Update
    • CA Jobs First – Advisory Committee Meeting led to agreement on criteria for selecting projects. July is the targeted timeframe for project selection.
    • CSAC Insurance Working Group – strong turnout of county representatives. Work continues by the working group. A survey to gather information and examples is forthcoming.
    • Sierra Nevada Conservancy – subregion meeting to provide input to voting board member.
    • Lewiston Community Association – new nonprofit in Lewiston focused on community development. Hosts of the recent Lewiston Peddler’s Faire
  • District 2 | Jill Cox
    • No out of county travel
    • Memorial Day Services – participated in the Weaverville ceremony
    • CSAC Insurance Working Group
    • Housing…
    • SB820 – ….
  • District 3 | Liam Gogan
    • No out of county travel
    • Oral Health Advisory Committee – met last week. Kiddie bus will be touring the county for delivery of some services.
    • Hayfork Zoning Meeting – good attendance and discussion
    • Douglas City Fire Wise Meeting
    • Hayfork Cemetery – joined other supervisors in reading the names of all who have passed in the line of duty.
    • Trinity Management Council – two day meeting this week
  • District 4 | Heidi Carpenter-Harris
    • No out of county travel
    • Memorial Day Services – Hayfork and Hyampom
  • District 5 | Dan Frasier
    • No out of county travel
    • Behavioral Health Advisory
    • Colusa…

C.4. Reports from Ad Hocs

  • Tribal Matters
    • no report
  • Cannabis Ordinance Update
    • This ad hoc committee is dissolved effective today. There is a significant amount of overlap with General Planning efforts and it makes more sense to wait until the General Plan, Community Plans, and Zoning Ordinance updates are complete.


  • The board approved all items on the consent calendar as presented.


E.1. Community Development – Natural Resources – Approve a budget adjustment for FY 23/24 for Natural Resources – Dept 2700 decreasing Revenues and increasing Transfers In by $132,562; approve a budget adjustment for FY 23/24 for Contributions to Other Funds – Dept 1990 increasing Transfers Out by $132,562; and approve a budget adjustment for FY 23/24 for General Fund Contingency – Dept 9901 decreasing Provisions for Contingency by $132,562. Increase in General Fund appropriations in the amount of $132,562; current cash balance in Natural Resources – Fund 173 is -$125,120.50; current balance in General Fund Contingency is $357,180.

  • CAO Trent Tuthill
    • Contingency funding is required due to delays in implementation of partnership agreements with other local agencies. Progress has been made and we do not anticipate this level of general fund use in the next fiscal year. The county has benefitted from work done by this division in the current fiscal year. Note – this is the first contingency fund request of the year.
  • The board approved this motion as presented.

E.2. Community Development – Planning – Approve a budget adjustment for FY 23/24 for Planning – Dept 2800 increasing Services and Supplies by $10,000 and approve a budget adjustment for FY 23/24 for General Fund Contingency – Dept 9901 decreasing Provisions for Contingency by $10,000. Increase in General Fund appropriations in the amount of $10,000; current General Fund Contingency balance after the previous budget adjustment is $224,618.

  • CAO Trent Tuthill
    • Additional funds needed to maintain support of the Planning Department through the balance of this fiscal year. Without this additional funding then work already underway by SHN (consultant) would have to stop until we start the new fiscal year. SHN provides the equivalent of two FTEs (full time equivalents) to assist with the Planning Department workload.
    • Bella Hedtke and Ed Prestley recognized for their above-and-beyond efforts to keep things moving during this very busy time.
  • The board approved this motion as presented.

E.3. Human Resources – Adopt an updated Trinity County HR drug and alcohol policy to comply with current federal and state laws. No fiscal impact.

  • Laila Cassis | Human Resources Director
    • Establishes consistency in how testing is applied across all divisions/departments
    • Elected officials not currently included in the policy – research continues to determine if/how this should be addressed within the policy.
  • The board approved this motion as presented.

E.4. Human Resources – Adopt a policy that changes the Trinity County Leave Bank Program to a Vacation Compensatory Time Off (CTO) Donation Program. No fiscal impact.

  • Laila Cassis | Human Resources Director
    • Primarily addressing loopholes in the program to improve efficiency, expand the criteria for requesting time off, ensuring that donated hours are managed effectively within the program
  • The board approved this motion as presented.

Closed Session Report Out

G.1. Government Code Section 54954.5(c) – Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation No. of Cases: One • Westlands Water District V all Persons interested in the matter of the contract between the United States and Westlands Water District (Fresno County Superior Court Case No. 19CECG03887)

  • Direction to staff


F.1. Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation (§ 54956.9) Case No 3:24- cv-02211 S.L. v. Trinity County

  • Direction given to staff

F.2. Government Code Section 54954.5(c) – Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation No of Cases: One: NEPA

  • Direction given to staff.