The condition of our roads is often a hot topic in Trinity County.  There is no question that we have a lot of roads that need maintenance and repair.  The question is, which projects should have the highest priorities?

We all have the opportunity to influence the prioritization of road-related projects.

Trinity County is working closely with Green DOT Transportation Solutions to prepare our new Regional Transportation Plan.  Two meetings have already been held to gather community input.  Now we have 5 new opportunities to provide input.  Meetings are coming up in Trinity Center, Lewiston, Big Flat, Burnt Ranch, and Mad River/Ruth.  

This link will take you to details for each of these meetings.

I encourage everyone to participate in at least one of these meetings.  You will likely learn a lot… and you will have the opportunity to help shape the plan we will use to prioritize road-related projects for the next 5 years (and beyond).

Your Roads… Your Voice!