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I continue to be amazed at how much goes on, often behind the scenes, here in Trinity County. This update highlights a few areas of interest, including – economic development, community plans, water matters, tourism, housing, and more.


Three months into the year we’ve already held nine meetings of the Board of Supervisors.  Both the timing and duration of our board meetings mean that most people aren’t able to participate. Thankfully, there are several ways people can keep up with the content and outcomes of our board meetings.



Work continues on both our General Plan and our Community Plans. Four Community Plan meetings were held over the last few weeks and four others are planned in the coming weeks. These are important opportunities for community members to share their views about how their communities should evolve over the next 25 years.

The board recently approved funding for another component of the General Plan – the development of a new Housing Element.  Work will begin on this soon and there will be opportunities for public input.

You can keep up with progress and opportunities to participate via this link. There is also a form on the website that you can use to submit input directly to the consultants handling this important project.  All input is reviewed and shared back with the public at large.


Each supervisor is appointed to boards and committees that are of importance to Trinity County. Here are some brief notes regarding the boards and committees that I am a part of this year.

  • Sierra Nevada Conservancy
    • This state agency (formed in 2004)  is tasked to improve the environmental, economic, and social well-being of California’s Sierra-Cascade region. In January of 2022, the SNC expanded into portions of Trinity County. The board of this organization includes voting members from each subregion.  In 2025 and 2026, I will have the honor of representing our subregion on SNC Board.
  • Airport Advisory Committee
    • This group meets several times a year to address airport challenges and opportunities, The board recently approved changes to the rates and terms for use of airport hangars. These changes will allow us to compete more effectively for federal funds.
  • Psa II Area Agency On Aging Executive Board
    • This group meets monthly to address programs and services offered to seniors in our area. We collaborate with other counties and the PSA II leadership team to maximize the impact of available funds, programs, and services.
  • Child Abuse Prevention Council
    • This council brings together leaders from across the county who are involved in efforts to prevent child abuse. Our last meeting included plans for upcoming events and the review and approval of several applications for the use of grant funding previously obtained for us in Trinity County.
  • California State Association of Counties (CSAC)
    • This group brings together representatives from all counties in California to address a wide range of issues that impact our counties. Our annual legislative conference (and board meeting) takes place next month in Sacramento. CSAC provides training, helps counties either support or oppose legislation, and much more.
  • NACo Telecommunications & Technology Steering Committee
    • This group meets regularly via Zoom to discuss developments impacting counties in the telecommunications and technology arena. Our last meeting included an update on generative artificial intelligence – a matter of growing importance… to everyone.
  • Disaster Council
    • The chair of the Board of Supervisors is assigned as the chair of the Disaster Council. This meeting brings together representatives from all of the organizations involved in health & safety matters throughout the county. We are lucky to have so many leaders collaborating on our behalf to prepare for and respond to disasters that impact Trinity County.
  • Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee
    • We moved to monthly (rather than weekly) meetings.  Our short-term focus is on changes to ordinances that will have the greatest impact. our long-term goal remains to complete a full update to our collection of cannabis-related ordinances. The board will be considering one set of proposed changes at our meeting on April 2nd.
  • California Jobs First – this important funding opportunity continues to evolve. I am participating in two sub-committees – one focused on Economic Development and the other focused on Recreation & Tourism. We hope to see funding awards within the next few months.


  • Public Roundtable Meeting – we will be hosting a public roundtable meeting in Weaverville next month. Our goal is to share information, build collaboration, identify and address obstacles, and continue building on momentum. Discussions will be focused on areas like housing, tourism development and marketing, and economic development.
  • Valuable Resources – We continue to build our network of individuals and organizations who can assist Trinity County in meeting our economic development goals. My latest outreach was with leaders of GoBiz, the USDA Rural Development organization, and the Lake County Economic Development Corporation. Each of these leaders provided great insights and tips on how Trinity County can leverage available resources.
    • Minersville Boat Ramp – the U.S. Forest Service recently held an open house in Trinity Center to share updates regarding this major project… and to receive public input. The feedback received is being considered as plans go through the next iteration.
    • Trinity Lake Marinas – Our U.S. Forest Service representatives are working with the permit holder regarding potential placement of a marina in Trinity Center.  I will provide updates as I receive them.
    • River Restoration Flows – water release plans for 2024 have not yet been posted. You can use this link to keep up with information as it becomes available.  Since 2024 is likely to be deemed a “very wet” water year, we can expect a high volume of water to be released for river restoration. The amount released is mandated by the current record of decision.

ENHANCED COMMUNICATIONS – You can now subscribe to email updates directly from county staff. The left-hand column of the county’s home page has a simple form to use in signing up for these email updates. Click here to access the home page and subscription form.

I am pleased to report that the board is now receiving written updates from many departments. We are working toward having all of these updates available via the Trinity County website. I appreciate the effort being made to enhance communications and increase engagement.

BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

PLANNING COMMISSION AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

BOARD & PLANNING COMMISSION VIDEO RECORDINGSclick here to access video recordings of board meetings.

I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement


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