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The Trinity County Strategic Plan was a key item on the agenda during last week’s board meeting. CAO – Trent Tuthill presented an updated view of the plan and the process he is using to lead the team forward.  He then gathered input from the board regarding changes (to what the previous board approved in 2022) and regarding our priorities for 2024.

Our strategic plan has a 5-year focus and includes over 50 key results. Identifying 2024 priorities provides clarity regarding the key results to emphasize this year when allocating our limited resources – including our time and money. This doesn’t mean that other plan initiatives and goals will be set aside. There are strong efforts already underway on many aspects of the plan.

The full plan will be available on our county website once edits are completed. What I’ve captured below is the overall structure of the plan and the priorities identified by the board – which represent just under one-third of the 51 key results included in the full plan.

There’s no doubt – we have a lot of work ahead of us. Beginning the year with this level of clarity and alignment regarding our priorities gets us off to a great start.



Deliver essential health services that are accessible to all parts of the County
  • Develop a Healthy Community Strategy
Be Responsive and Efficient in addressing the needs and concerns of County citizens and businesses

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  • Develop a strategy to provide access to prompt 911 services in outlying areas
  • Publish the overall county road repair plan on the Department of Transportation website, including the routine annual maintenance plan and multiple-year major storm damage repair plan


Develop a reliable, county-wide engagement plan that can facilitate connection to services and enable individual and business opportunities (State/Federal – County Relations)
  • Develop a coordinated advocacy strategy at the State and Federal levels that leverages BOS involvement and County staff expertise to address County needs and issues

Foster an environment in which all sectors of the community can stay informed, express thoughts and ideas, collaborate, and actively engage in improving the community (Community Engagement)
  • Develop a public outreach and engagement strategy to share County accomplishments and challenges regularly, facilitate dialog, and raise awareness, understanding, and a strong sense of community within the County.


Create a business-friendly environment that will empower local entrepreneurs and attract others to invest in Trinity County
  • Form a County economic development team to investigate opportunities that leverage County assets and to recommend priorities. Determine the cost of including a feasibility study as part of the General Plan – Build Team Trinity
Plan for the long-term growth and responsible development of Trinity County, including suitable zoning and adequate infrastructure, housing, and services to sustain a dynamic local economy
  • Ensure the General Plan Update continues on time, on target for quality deliverables, and budget.
  • Develop a housing element to use with our new General Plan and Community Plans.
Ensure a cohesive, coordinated, and adequately funded strategy is in place to market Trinity County as a premier destination to do business, visit, and live
  • Oversee investment of TOT funds to ensure that Trinity County is effectively promoted as a destination for arts, culture, recreation, and adventure.
  • Develop a Revitalization Strategy for Trinity County
Ensure all industry reflects and support the heritage and lifestyle of the County
  • Process CEQA-compliant permit applications in a manner that reflects the interests of our community as a whole.
  • Keep the public informed and seek input regarding a fully functioning legal cannabis industry program, including regulations and policies with a view toward safety and effective risk management


Be effective stewards of Trinity County’s natural and man-made resources to enhance the quality of life in the community and to support economic vitality
  • Develop a plan to build upon the recently established USFS Good Neighbor Authority Agreement coordination and Supplemental Project Agreement(s) (SPA) development/implementation/contract management and reporting
  • Develop a coordinated, cohesive BOS strategy to set clear goals for Trinity County’s influence over its natural resources and determine possible sources of funding
  • Ensure the voice of Trinity County is accounted for in the CVP re-consultation efforts and TRRP activities


Build depth and flexibility in human and financial resources that will enable Trinity County to respond to changing needs and expectations and pursue opportunities that will enhance the quality of life
      • Develop a comprehensive staff development plan, including training, succession planning, effective recruiting and compensation practices
      • Establish a closed-loop process to ensure fines are collected and revenues are realized
Engrain a culture of innovation, accountability, and empathy in County governance and operations
  • Upgrade County technology, infrastructure, and use of social media for increased community engagement

Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement


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