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The Special Meeting of the Board included one item on the closed session agenda – Public Employee Evaluation.

Here are the notes I took during the meeting. Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions.


Government Code Section 54954.5(e) – Public Employee Evaluation: 

  • County Administrative Officer
  • County Counsel- Annual evaluation of County Counsel is complete. This item is to determine what aspects of the evaluation process can legally be released to the public.

Report from prior closed session

  •   Chair Cox provided a report on previous closed session

Public Comment

    • Request that Chair Cox recuse herself from matters related to county counsel until the investigation is complete
    • Request for increased transparency regarding closed session items
    • Chair Cox noted that she will recuse from the discussion about the content of meetings from which she previously recused herself.

Closed Session Report

  • CAO Report Out 
    • No evaluation held
  • County Counsel Report Out
    • Supervisor Leutwyler was assigned to work with CAO to produce a document reflecting more details regarding what took place in closed sessions related to county counsel evaluation and RFP processes.  This will include the template that was used to gather feedback from Supervisors and Staff.  This will be provided in conjunction with the June 6th meeting agenda.
  • Board Statement – the board voted to issue the following statement
    • The process for establishing and implementing a county counsel evaluation process involved healthy discussion and debate regarding options
    • Supervisors were unanimous in the final decisions regarding this process.
    • Supervisors agree that the process of discussing county counsel evaluation and a future RFP was valuable and productive.
    • Supervisors acknowledge the following facts regarding Chair Cox’s notes that were shared via the recent PRA:
      • They reflect homework done to address potential outcomes of an evaluation and RFP process
      • There were not reflected in closed session discussions beyond our initial March 7th closed session.
      • No names of outside attorneys were shared by Chair Cox during the closed sessions