School Safety – A Team Effort in Trinity County

The safety of our children, teachers, and school staff is at the forefront of our minds these days.  Someone recently asked about preparations being taken here in Trinity County to make our schools safer.  I recently had the opportunity to speak to both Jamie Green (Superintendent of Trinity Alps Unified School District) and Nate Trujillo (Narcotics Sergeant and School Board Member).  Here is what I learned.

Last October, Sergeant Trujillo stepped up to lead an interagency effort to greatly enhance our response to situations like those we have been seeing in the news.  The result is a comprehensive new program that incorporates best practices and many (difficult) lessons learned from the experiences of others. This new program will be introduced later this month with training and drills at several school campus locations, including an elementary school, high school, and college campus.

Working closely with staff members at each of these schools will be an impressive line-up of law enforcement professionals from agencies that provide law enforcement support in Trinity County.

There are many layers to the plans that have been put in place – some of which will not be made public for security reasons.  It is clear that a great deal of thought, planning and collaboration has gone into this critically important and timely initiative.  I am grateful for the forethought and dedication of these leaders in our communities.