Certified Election results were released today.  Thank you again for your (collective) vote of confidence.

With the campaign behind us, I am beginning to repurpose my website so that it will be more useful as we move forward… both during this transition period and after I take office in January.  As site content changes, I didn’t want to lose sight of the campaign focus that I shared running up to the election, so here is that content in “Update” form.

I look forward to working with you to move Trinity County forward in a manner that reflects these same priorities.


Action must be taken to protect the rights of county residents as we continue efforts to support economic growth. Past decisions have led to problems for residents and business owners, alike.

Residents are suffering from the introduction of commercial cannabis operations that negatively impact their quality of life.  At the same time, responsible commercial cannabis operators struggle with confusing (and shifting) processes and rules for licensing.

We can do better in balancing the interests of residents and business owners in our county.


Responsible economic growth is essential to the future of our county. It doesn’t need to come at the expense of our quality of life.  We need economic growth plans that tap into the full potential of all that our wonderful county has to offer.

We must ensure that our county resources are allocated in a way that supports multi-faceted growth while also protecting or enhancing our quality of life.  We should encourage and support businesses that add value to the community – employing our residents, providing tax revenues, and enhancing the future of our county.


The quality and consistency of county services can and should improve.

I believe it’s important for us to first prioritize those services of greatest importance to the county and its residents.  Then we must ensure that our allocation of time, energy, and funding reflects these priorities.  Finally, we need to measure the quality, and consistency of the services we deliver… holding ourselves to a high standard.

Community input and feedback in this area will be key to our success.


Comprehensive planning is required to ensure a better future.

In addition to critically important updates to our General Plan, we need to develop results-oriented plans that will guide our growth and evolution.  We can achieve much more when we have clarity, alignment, and focus on those things that will make the greatest impact on our county and its residents.

There are many opportunities for county staff to work closely with interested parties (individuals and organizations) throughout the county.


We can accomplish much more through the active engagement of everyone impacted by our decisions.

Engagement only happens when people feel that their opinions truly matter.  We need to keep the lines of communication open.  This means keeping people informed and creating ample opportunities for public input.  It also requires active listening and consideration on the part of the board.

I look forward to engaging with residents, business owners, staff, and board members in pursuit of the best solutions for our county.


Effective communication will help us all make better decisions.

We need to create and sustain a healthy dialogue about our county’s future.  There is more that can (and should) be done to help county constituents access information about county plans, priorities, and decisions.  Keeping everyone informed should be a priority for our board and our staff.

Staying informed of county constituent priorities, opinions, and concerns should also be a priority.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Trust and politics shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Transparency Builds Trust.  Building trust, through transparency, has always been an important part of my leadership approach.

It’s important for people to feel confident in their leaders and the processes in place to make important county decisions.  This goes beyond effective communication and effective engagement of county constituents. We need an open and consistent approach that builds trust throughout our communities.  We may not always agree with the outcomes, but we should always trust that decisions are made with integrity.