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This is an executive summary of my efforts on behalf of the county.  Each supervisor is asked to provide a verbal update during the board meeting.  I am using this template to also submit a (more comprehensive) written update that is available to the public.


  • Special Meeting of the Board of Supervisors – Monday, 5.15 at 5 PM 
    • This meeting is scheduled for closed session only.  The subject is Public Employee Evaluation – CAO and County Counsel
    • Annual evaluation of County Counsel is complete. This item is to determine what aspects of the evaluation process can legally be released to the public
  • Board of Supervisors Meeting – Tuesday, 5.16 at 9 AM
    • There are a number of presentations and several important board decisions on the agenda – including a decision regarding the cannabis-related board resolution mentioned below.


  • Nothing to report


  • Airport Advisory Committee
    • Working with DOT to schedule our first meeting of the year, update our website, etc.
    • Working with residents on two airport-related matters.
  • Trinity County Commission On Aging
    • No activity.
  • Trinity County Fire Chiefs Association
    • There is some interest in Chief’s being trained/certified to review fire and safety plans for cannabis manufacturing sites.
    • Red Cross shared information about their support when homes are destroyed or severely damaged to the point that they will be uninhabitable for 48 hours.
      • Homeowners who experience this kind of tragedy should call 800 RED CROSS.  Support includes:
        • Immediate financial assistance in the form of a debit card (exceptions – alcohol and cigarettes)
        • Nurses can help get replacement of medications, eyeglasses, dentures, etc.
        • Spiritual Care and Mental Healthcare
      • Qualifications – just have to be living in the house… no questions about citizenship income etc.
      • There are three Red Cross volunteers in Trinity County – they would like to have five.
  • California State Association of Counties (CSAC)
    • The AT HOME initiative to address homeliness was the major focus of the agenda(s)
      •  Our board needs to decide how we will address this request.
    • National Center for Public Lands Counties
      •  Our board needs to decide how we will address this request.
    • Acting State Fire Marshall | Chief Daniel Berlant
      • I will reach out again… following up on my earlier request for help in re-opening the Fire Hazard Map public input window for Trinity County.
  • Remote Access Network Board (RAN Board)
    • Nothing new to report 
  • Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
    • The next meeting is a pre-board meeting in which we are offered the opportunity to provide input to voting members.  Note – our seat has a non-voting role this year.

Secondary Representative Role

  • Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)
    • Nothing to report
  • Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
    • Nothing to report.
  • National Association Of Counties (NACO)
    • Nothing to report
  • North Coast Resource Partnership (NCIRWMP)
    • I may be involved in their strategic planning process.


  • Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee
    • Public workshops are planned to present information regarding the proposed updates.  These will take place before this matter is brought before the board for consideration.
    • An email address ( is available for submitting public input. These emails are automatically routed to each member of the ad hoc committee.
    • The Board will consider a resolution on 5.16 that would streamline the approval of applications for renewal of cannabis permits that require a commercial cannabis variance for the calendar year of 2023. The backup material for the agenda provides details regarding this matter.  Highlights include:
      • Only for renewals
      • Applications under appeal are not eligible
      • All applications would still be noticed – including a form that can be returned to indicate concerns.  Notice of concerns will cause the application for renewal to go through the Planning Commission process.
  • Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee
    • Work continues on many fronts.  I shared a link via Facebook yesterday that takes users to a form that can be used to share ideas for moving Trinity County forward.  Input received via this form will go into a database that is being built to support our ongoing efforts.  Here is the link.
  • Homeowners Insurance Ad Hoc Committee  – Complete
  • Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee – Complete
  • Cannabis Division Financials Ad Hoc Committee – Complete


  • Frontier Communications Outages
    • Senator McGuire’s office reached out for details regarding reported concerns
    • Online Survey – I launched an online survey for residents to use in reporting difficulty in working with Frontier Communications regarding extended outages. This is NOT meant to replace or interfere with efforts to reach Frontier Communications directly.  Here is the link.
  • Public Records Act
    • I have been told that requests have been made for some of my county-related correspondence.  As of this writing, I have received no formal notice of this taking place.


  • Snow Maintenance for Volunteer Fire Departments – I will get this back on the agenda.
  • AT HOME – we need a discussion about the endorsement of this initiative on the agenda for consideration.
  • National Center for Public Lands Counties – we need to make a decision about Trinity County’s participation in and funding of this initiative on the agenda.
  • Investment Plan for LATCF fundsLocal Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund – Treasury › policy-issues › coronavirus
    • We received $4.8 million that we need to decide how to invest on behalf of Trinity County
    • This will likely be done in conjunction with the budget development/review/approval process.

BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

BOARD VIDEO RECORDINGSclick here to access video recordings of board meetings.

I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement