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This is an executive summary of my efforts on behalf of the county.  Each supervisor is asked to provide a verbal update during the board meeting.  I am using this template to also submit a (more comprehensive) written update that is available to the public.


  • CSAC Legislative Conference & Board Meeting | Sacramento | 4.12-13
  • Cal OSBA (California Office of the Small Business Advocate) | Redwood Coast Regional Meeting | Eureka | 4.10.23


Primary Representative Role

  • Airport Advisory Committee
    • Working with DOT to schedule our first meeting of the year, update our website, etc.
    • Working with residents on two airport-related matters.
  • Trinity County Commission On Aging
    • No activity.
  • Trinity County Fire Chiefs Association
    • Offered my apologies for the failure of the snow maintenance of VFD drives
    • Delivered materials regarding fall-protection services
    • Followed up with staff regarding Title III funding for 2022-2023
    • Will be placing a Trinity Journal ad for our “Living with Fire” program
    • USFS reports continued hiring and indicated that limited staff will lead to no staff for Coffee Creek this year.  They confirmed that other resources will be ready to respond as needed.
    • Emergency Communications – I followed up again with Frontier’s CEO after the Sheriff informed me of additional delays.  I was contacted the next day by an executive who is helping to expedite implementation.  Currently scheduled for 4.19.  Additional steps must be taken (once this is implemented) to restore communications across the county.
    • Skylar Fisher is taking over as the Fire Safe Council Coordinator.
    • Community Chipping signups are underway. You can use this link to access more information and the form to use for signing up.
  • California State Association of Counties (CSAC)
    • Legislative Conference on 4.12-13.23 | Sacramento
    • CSAC Board Meeting on 4.13.23 | Sacramento
    • The AT HOME initiative to address homeliness was the major focus of the agenda(s)
      • I emphasized the importance of flexibility in how counties address challenges in this arena – siting the extensive loss of homes due to wildfires and the skyrocketing costs of homeowners insurance in Trinity County.
      • California has 12% of the U.S. Population and is the 4th largest economy in the world… yet it has 30% of the homeless population (161,548)
      • CSAC is asking that all counties consider endorsing the program.  They invited each county to identify and “red flags” seen in the program as it relates to their individual county’s needs/situation.  Our board needs to decide how we will address this request.
    • National Center for Public Lands Counties
      • will do research to support ongoing efforts to obtain PILT (payments in lieu of taxes) funding
      • looking for up to 1% of LATCF funds that were recently provided by the federal government.  This would be a one-time funding request as plans are to operate off the interest of funds raised.  Our board needs to decide how we will address this request.
    • The CSAC Grants Initiative provides a portal for counties to use in submitting potential grant projects.  CSAC resources will then assist in identifying available grants.  We also learned about Grant Services available as an annual package and A La Carte.  We definitely need more grant writing/management capacity.
    • Acting State Fire Marshall | Chief Daniel Berlant – spoke about the fire hazard maps, the process, etc.  He noted that changes have been made based on data provided by communities. I reached out to learn if/how we could have another opportunity to provide feedback regarding the changes made for Trinity County.  He also mentioned that insurance providers must provide (but are not required to disclose the amount) a discount/credit for homeowners who take specific home hardening steps.  I mentioned our efforts to reach out on behalf of our constituents regarding the skyrocketing costs of homeowners insurance.
    • Associate Director – Public Policy Institute of Californa (PPIC) Water Center | Dr. Caitlin Peterson – reported that we could expect a 20% reduction in annual water supplies by 2040.  She noted that without new supplies, nearly 900,000 acres could go fallow – most of them high-value perennial crops
  • Remote Access Network Board (RAN Board)
    • Nothing new to report 

Secondary Representative Role

  • Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC)
    • Nothing to report
  • Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
    • Nothing to report.
  • National Association Of Counties (NACO)
    • Nothing to report
  • North Coast Resource Partnership (NCIRWMP)
    • Received a note from the representative. Arranging introductions and updates.


  • Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee
    • The plan and process will be handed off to the new CAO during a meeting on April 28th.
  • Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee
    • Assigned to this committee (along with Supervisor Frasier) to work with staff and consultants on updates to existing cannabis-related ordinances.
    • Work continues with two-hour weekly meetings.
    • Two public workshops are planned to present information regarding the proposed updates.  These will take place before this matter is brought before the board for consideration.
    • A new email address ( was established for gathering public input. emails are automatically routed to each member of the ad hoc committee.
    • The Planning Commission will be considering a proposed change to the variance-related language.  The focus of the change is to align the terms cited in the ordinance with the terms (and definitions) used when initially approving applications.  If approved, this will clear the way for dozens of applications (previously approved) to be renewed without having to go through a new variance-related hearing.
  • Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee
    • Chair Cox and I met with representatives of Shasta College to learn more about how our funding of their work is benefiting Trinity County.  We learned that this organization can be a strong conduit for us when seeking a share of grant funds available for both the planning and implementation of economic development initiatives.  He was impressed with the work already done in this area by Trinity County… indicating this puts us in a strong position for this process.
  • Homeowners Insurance Ad Hoc Committee
    • Supervisor Carpenter-Harris and I were assigned to reach out to the Insurance Commissioner (and others as appropriate) to raise awareness regarding the significant challenges being face by homeowners in Trinity County.  I reached out to CSAC representatives for assistance while in Sacramento.


  • Cal OSBA (California Office of the Small Business Advocate | Redwood Coast Regional Convening | Eureka | 4.10.23
    • Joined approximately 40 participants in a discussion regarding the state of small businesses associated with cannabis in California.  Participants included Supervisors, Bankers, Cultivators, Distributors, Economic Development Council Representatives, Cannabis-focused Organization Leaders, and more.
    • 60% of local jurisdictions have opted out of commercial cannabis
    • Many support services available to small businesses are not available to cannabis small businesses due to financial funding/limitations.
    • Humboldt Economic Development – 10% of revenues go back into the industry
    • Time was split between identifying challenges (and the reasons for them) and potential solutions,
    • Based on the perceived value of this first-time event, there are plans to host additional meetings of this kind.
    • Adrien Keyes (TCAA President) and Drew Plebani (Cannabis Department Director) also participated in this session.


  • Snow Maintenance for Volunteer Fire Departments – I am working to get this back on the agenda.
  • Strategic Plan – this will be presented to the board in conjunction with our annual budget development/review/approval process.
  • AT HOME – I will be placing an endorsement of this initiative on the agenda for consideration.
  • National Center for Public Lands Counties – I will be placing a decision about Trinity County’s participation in and funding of this initiative on the agenda.
  • Investment Plan for LATCF fundsLocal Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund – Treasury › policy-issues › coronavirus
    • We received $4.8 million that we need to decide how to invest on behalf of Trinity County
    • This will likely be done in conjunction with the budget development/review/approval process.

BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement