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The first BOS meeting of September included informative updates, a lot of public input, and decisions on issues ranging from the Cannabis Processing Ordinance to new water release protocols.

Here are the notes I took during the meeting. Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions that took place.

Update on Fires

  • Now over 40,000 acres
  • Response leaders feeling very confident
  • Mopping up, and dealing with trees that could be future hazards
  • The Northeast side of Campbell Fire is the primary area of focus

Public Comment

  • Tribal concerns regarding lack of notifications regarding permit applications that might impact aboriginal lands
  • Commercial Cannabis Operators raised concerns about the slow pace of processing/approvals and the negative financial impacts

Cannabis Department Update

  • 348 Appendix
  • 157 in technical review
  • 113 incomplete letters
  • 63 CEQA review complete
  • 31 Approved
  • 5 to be approved before the next meeting
  • Working on the process for operators to move forward with the condition to complete outstanding building-permit-related items (the primary reason for delays beyond approval of CEQA)
  • Our ordinance ties building permits and licenses together
  • 11 (of 60+) state license applicants are nearing deadlines and do not have CEQA documents on file with the county
  • Retail Cannabis License Fee – information has been collected from surrounding counties and cities/towns.  More work is to be done to develop a formal recommendation for our future fee structure.
  • Equity Grant – presentation will be on the agenda for the next board meeting.  These are funds that go directly to cultivators.
  • Cannabis Retail License Application – planning to introduce, answer questions, etc. within the next week.

CAO Update

  • Ashley Piker – new Admin Coordinator/Deputy Board Clerk is on board and in today’s meeting
  • Request made for more regular departmental updates… and for them to be in writing as well
  • Suzie Hawkins was praised for all her hard work while holding down two important rolls

Supervisor Updates

  • Jeremy Brown
    • Collecting items for RCRC (organization focused on rural counties) gift basket.
    • Offered praise for all personnel involved in fighting fires and supporting the impacted communities
  • Liam Gogan
    • Ad hoc committee working on TOT will host public workshops
    • Working on plans for more electric vehicle charging stations within the county – including some that are not Tesla-only stations.  Working with the RCRC and Public Utilities Commission.  Focusing on sites that will help bring additional spending into the county.
  • Dan Frasier – nothing to report
  • Jill Cox
    • Working with a growing list of partners on funding and support for the renovation of our CD Hall
    • Working on permitting related to additional broadband services
  • Keith Groves
    • North Coast Resource Partners meeting update. This provides a pathway to get money for SB1 water systems, fuel reduction cleanup, forest resilience task force,
    • Participated in Class K Housing workshop with Jill Cox
    • Followed up with Eagle Rock regarding river-related concerns
    • TRP refinements meeting
    • Sierra Nevada Conservancy meeting tomorrow
  • Cannabis Ad hoc Update
    • Focus on the process for approvals… streamlining, addressing obstacles, etc.
    • Discussions with Jerry Hillman (with Rincon) to take over from (consultant) Heidi T. To maintain momentum on cannabis-related ordinances. Rincon is involved in our General Plan initiative

General Items

  • Two Licenses for serving alcohol were approved
  • Trinity County Arts Council request for a fee waiver
    • This was approved after a discussion about the need to revisit the waiver policy since we are struggling financially as a county.

Limited Density Dwelling Ordinance

  • Ed Prestley (interim Deputy Director of Planning) introduced the subject with clarifications regarding the intent and focus of the ordinance.
  • There was a good amount of public comments in favor of this ordinance
  • The board discussed a number of sections, making revisions to several of these sections before approving the ordinance
    • A minimum acreage of 5 acres was established
    • Exemptions are possible in special circumstances… such as victims of fires on lots smaller than 5 acres

Trinity Management Council

  • This first matter addressed was to determine the board’s collective view regarding a proposal to modify the current Lewiston Dam-to-Trinity River water release protocol.
    • Representatives from several agencies gave a presentation to the board regarding this matter in a previous meeting.  Several of these same representatives spoke during this meeting to clarify points and address technical questions.
    • The board received a brief presentation, heard public comments, and had lengthy discussions regarding the specific TMC matter of concern.
    • The proposal does not ask for more water to be released… it calls for the same amount of water to be released at different times and levels that better reflect nature.
    • The data presented suggest that the proposed changes will better support our efforts to improve conditions for salmon in our river.
    • County Counsel confirmed that the board does have the authority to require the board’s TMC Representatives to vote in a manner that reflects the board’s position.
    • The board voted in support of the proposal with a 3 to 2 vote
  • The second matter was a recommendation by Keith Groves that the number of votes required for TMC approval be changed from 7 out of 8, to 5 out of 8.
    • Keith Groves withdrew this matter from the agenda… leaving the decision on how to vote (on the TMC) up to Liam Gogan.

Cannabis Processing Ordinance

  • This involved the third and final reading of this ordinance.
  • The only change from the previous meeting was the addition of “Churches” back into the list of sites for which setbacks should apply.
  • The term “Church” was changed to “religious institution”
  • The board voted 4 to 1 in favor of the ordinance

I hope these notes are helpful in your efforts to stay informed about county matters. For a more comprehensive understanding of what took place, you can watch any portion of the meeting on YouTube with this link.


Sharing Information | Encouraging Engagement