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The second BOS meeting of September included informative updates, a lot of public input, and decisions on issues ranging from the Cannabis Processing Ordinance to the handling of the Mountain Valley School District Bond.

Here are the notes I took during the meeting. Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions that took place.

Sheriff’s Department Recognition

  • K9 Officers Chase, Hank, and Johnny were recognized by the Board of Supervisors for their service to Trinity County.

USFS Update

  • Tara Jones provided an update on forest matters here in Trinity County
  • They are evaluating rainfall amounts to determine when fire permit status can be adjusted
  • Acknowledged that recent rains helped tremendously with fires
  • Reported progress made in downing hazard trees
  • Reported that additional work is underway to prepare for the burning of existing brush piles
  • Provided updates on a number of ongoing projects including fuels contracts
  • Acknowledged that renovation has been completed on 200+ miles of trails
    • Indicated that trail bridges damaged in the North Fork area will be repaired/replaced
  • Reported that over $60,000 with of new signs will be installed on/around trails
  • Noted that the RAC has approximately $500,000 to allocate to projects
  • Good Neighbor Agreement under development
    • Enables USFS to work with partners on national forest lands and county roads that go through forest service lands (when work benefits both county and national forests)
  • Fall public updates are now being scheduled.  Locations will include the addition of one in Lewiston

Public Comment

  • Some comments focused on concerns regarding our economy and the pace of cannabis licenses being issued.
  • Encouragement was offered to our county staff for their dedication to the County and its residents.

County Counsel Update

  • This update focused primarily on cannabis matters.
    • Last year’s statistics regarding code enforcement:
      • 124 citations
      • 67 were voluntarily abated within 7 days (54% compliance rate)
      • 46 settlement agreements
      • 11 permanent injunctions
    • The first quarter of this year’s statistics regarding code enforcement:
      • 80 citations
      • 50 voluntary abatements (63% compliance rate)
      • 5 settlement agreements
      • 11 permanent injunctions
    • The County is following up on the collection of outstanding fines.

Treasurer Update

  • QR codes (that can be scanned) and interactive voice response technology are being implemented to support access to tax status by members of the public
  • Working on an online payment platform
  • Opportunity for interest income is improving

Environmental Health Update

  • Drought task force has responsiblity for 49 larger, and 28 smaller water systems
  • Only 3 official dry well reports for this year
  • Unclear as to whether our county will be impacted by State requirement to reduce water usage by 15%
  • Water Department in Hayfork will provide emergency water supplies while repairs are underway
  • Grants for the County are available based on significant need
  • Coffee Creek Cleanup – still working through appeal for access to funds
  • Keith Groves asked that research be done regarding if/how AirBnB properties will be impacted when considering federal support.
  • RCRC support may be helpful in getting answers and support

CAO Update

  • The courthouse will be closed to walk-ins on Friday due to staff limitations driven by a Tribal holiday
  • American Rescue Act – planning to present the proposal to the BOS at next meeting
  • General Plan work continues
  • Strategic Plan – special board meeting at 10 am on 9.30.22

Supervisor Updates

  • Jeremy Brown
    • RCRC (Rural County Representatives of California) Meeting last week –
    • The biomass pellet program is moving forward in other parts of the State. Trinity County is not on list yet due to topography/logistical challenges.
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – new requirements are coming
      • Keith Groves noted that 20% of Trinity County residents do not have electrical hookups.
    • GoBiz – met with a representative. Emphasized the need for Trinity County to develop our own economic development plan ( to incorporate into a larger regional plan.
    • Broadband – Trinity County will receive some funding to support efforts to enhance broadband access.  These funds will support work on data maps and a strategic plan for broadband which are needed to access larger amounts of grant funding
    • RCRC representatives offered to provide an update for Trinity County
    • New CEQA exemptions for projects on national forest lands (NEPA approval will mean that CEQA is not needed)
    • Cannabis Bill SB1326 – approved to support plans for interstate commerce/collaboration
    • Medical Cannabis Access – work underway at the State level may establish a requirement for jurisdictions to provide access.  60%+ of jurisdictions do not currently provide this access
    • Power Safety Shutoff Events – RCRC seeking information on problems/concerns from these events.
    • Mountain bike trails.  Presented as an economic development opportunity for Trinity County.  Downieville has reportedly made a lot of progress in this area. There are plans for the expansion of these trails.
      • Funding is available from Sierra Nevada Conservancy.
      • Praise was offered to Trinity County RCD for their work on mountain bike trails in Trinity County.
      • Here is a link to sample information on Downieville’s Mountain Bike efforts –
    • Teacher Recruitment – raised concerns at RCRC about challenges in this area… especially pre-K. Hoping that legislation will make it easier for teachers from higher levels to qualify for teaching pre-K


  • Liam Gogan
    • Also attended RCRC
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – we are ahead of the game for potential requirements due to proactive efforts already underway
    • Proposed that Greg Williams make a presentation to the BOS


  • Dan Frasier – nothing to report


  • Jill Cox
    • PSA2 – food program for seniors is now up and running.
      • A 4-wheel drive vehicle will be purchased for use in delivering meals.  This will allow us to provide service to additional recipients.
    • RCRC
      • The Economic Development representative for RCRC agreed to visit Weaverville
      • Broadband – met with a representative who is a key figure in data mapping
        • Identifies where we do/don’t have broadband access
        • Identifies how that access is provided (in-ground lines, etc.)
        • Noted that it is important to coordinate construction efforts (road work, etc) so that we only have to dig once
    • Minersville Boat Ramp
      • Request made of Forest Supervisor to move forward on boat ramp work while the lake is so low. She reported that a very positive response was received to her outreach.
    • Economic Development
      • Gained agreement for the new Economic Director for SCED be asked to update the BOS before we pay our bill for JPA (joint powers authority)
    • CalPoly Humboldt – Requests that the BOS receive an update from representatives


  • Keith Groves
    • Sierra Nevada Conservancy Meeting – this was informative and went very well.
      • Emphasized the importance of us having strong participation
      • Potential for a lot of funding to deal with key watershed areas
      • Trying to make a new district that will provide us a seat at the table


  • Cannabis Ad hoc Update
    • 354 checklists submitted (5 more last week)
    • 310 initial letters sent
    • 336 in technical review
    • 68 passed technical review (deemed CEQA compliant)
    • 31 Signed
    • 37 still going through the final approval process
    • Concerns were raised regarding the impact on raptor nesting in some locations
    • Negotiating with Tribal Representatives regarding concerns that they are not being properly notified regarding permits, etc.
    • Acknowledged significant anxiety and strain on program applicants
    • Looking for ways to streamline the process
    • No AdHoc meeting this week

Consent Calendar Items – all approved

Mountain Valley School District Bond

  • Discussion regarding options to address errors related to this measure
  • 3284 parcels impacted
  • The Auditors Department did not process this as planned (not added to 2021/2022 secure tax bills)
  • Options include adding to the next tax bill or spreading it out over 3 years
  • BOS approved option B – spreading out increase over 3 years
  • Negative interest payments will be addressed through budget adjustments approved by CAO/Auditor

Water Flows

  • Jeremy Brown met with Tribal Representatives and learned that they have very different views on this matter (one tribe supports it and one tribe does not). He suggested that the BOS receive presentations from representatives from both Tribes.
  • The board discussed a motion to reconsider the decision reached on this matter at the last meeting.  The motion was withdrawn before it was put to vote.

Cannabis Retail License Fee

    • This was pulled from the agenda so that additional work can be done prior to the presentation to the BOS and the public

Cannabis Processing Ordinance

    • This was the second reading for this ordinance.
    • The BOS voted in favor of this motion.

I hope these notes are helpful in your efforts to stay informed about county matters.

For a more comprehensive understanding of what took place, you can watch any portion of the meeting on YouTube with this link.

For more information regarding BOS meetings, agendas, and related materials, use this link –


Sharing Information | Encouraging Engagement