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This board meeting included presentations regarding Local Child Care and a Watershed Research & Training Center volunteer cleanup opportunity. Public Comment included support for the Trinity Center Library… much of it shared by children living in the area.

The board approved important matters including the decision to move forward with snow maintenance support for Volunteer Fire Departments, a new ordinance that restricts the possession and use of fireworks, the adoption of a policy to support the recently approved ordinance regarding the use of our County Seal, and the restructuring of the Planning Department into our new Community Development Department.

Here are the notes I took regarding the meeting. I have included the approximate time of day that some matters were covered to make it easier for you to find that subject in the video recording of the meeting. Please understand that this is not a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions.


Clerk of the Board

1.1   Receive a presentation regarding Local Child Care/ Kids Count.

  • Anna Carson, Jeff Morris, Naomi Goulette
  • The presentation covered the focus of the organization, results of recent research, etc.
  • LPC is part of every CA County… by law.
  • The survey must be done every five years.
  • This appears to be a good sample size based on the number of children represented
  • Details provided regarding the need for childcare throughout the county
  • 13% of respondents indicated they do/will homeschool
  • Highest Needs are for full-time and intermittent/non-traditional hours
  • Annual Surveys will help gather additional details
  • Building Out Comprehensive County-Wide Childcare Plan
  • Two vacancies on LPC
  • 31% of Trinity County families live below the poverty level (based on equity assessment)
  • Some discussion about the need for continued focus on homeschooling needs.

1.2   Receive a presentation from the Watershed Research and Training Center regarding their volunteer trash clean-up day on September 23, 2023. (9:33 AM)

  • Rachel Evans
  • Highlighted a cleanup event coming up in the Post Mountain area
  • The goals are both to clean up and to bring attention to the need for better waste management
  • Currently have 8 sites of illegally dumped refuse
  • Post Mountain Rd & Rattlesnake Rd at 9:00 AM on Saturday, 9.23.2023
  • Some discussion about our ability to collaborate on similar cleanup efforts on private properties as well.


  • Trinity Center Library Survey Results shared… by Alyse Hazard and kids.  She shared the importance of the library to her family and to survey respondents.
  • Comments shared by several children regarding the importance of the library
  • One child noted the ability to request a book and have it delivered from the Weaverville Library to the Trinity Center Library.
  • A Coffee Creek family (just built a home after moving from Humboldt) shared their views on the importance of the library to their family.  This family homeschools.
  • Children shared their own stories and read survey responses from other users of the Trinity Center Library.
  • Zoom participants also emphasized the importance of libraries in their lives
  • Zoom participants requested that a board member pull item 3.6 from the Consent Calendar


2.1   I. Report from Department Heads

  • Liz Hamilton | Director of Health & Human Services (10:00 AM)
    • Shared information about the potential impact of a government shutdown due to ongoing funding deliberations.  This could impact CalFresh which provides food.  Some programs have contingency funds… some do not.  The state can (likely will) step in if needed.
    • Reported that we are on track with efforts to transition from pandemic-era policies regarding Medi-Cal. Experiencing about a 15% decrease in those previously eligible.  This is the result of re-tightening parameters regarding qualifications after the pandemic.
    • Shared information about efforts to refocus on recognition and employee engagement.  This includes quarterly and annual employee of the year awards.

I I. Report from County Administrative Officer (10:06 AM)

  • Trent Tuthill | CAO
  • Noted that discussions are ongoing regarding federal funding and ways in which we can prevent impact on services.
  • Grants – taking steps to help the county be in a better position to grant funding. Mentioned the CSAC grant support program that allows counties to contract for grant support on an as-needed basis.
  • Coffee Creek Ranch area – visited the site with Kristy Anderson to discuss cleanup efforts
  • WIIN Act Meeting – discussions continue about whether a separate environmental study will be done for Trinity County part of water discussions
  • Gravel Augmentation Environmental Analysis
  • Noted that there will be an impact on Trinity County from the recent CA legislative session.

I I I. Reports from Members of the Board of Supervisors

District 1 – Ric Leutwyler

  • No out-of-county travel
  • I will be facilitating a strategic planning session with the board of NoRTEC
  • I will be facilitating a board discussion regarding a performance scorecard for SCEDD
  • PSA2 Board Meeting took place yesterday – Chair Cox will report on this.
  • Illegal Cannabis Site Clean-up.  Met with Nick at Watershed to discuss this and other opportunities for the county to work with the Watershed Center on behalf of Trinity County.
  • Fire Safe Council – shared that this organization is hosting several important events in the coming weeks.  Details can be found on their Facebook page – “firesafetrinity”
    • community meetings in October.
    • Firewise landscaping
    • Free chipping days

District 2 – Jill Cox

  • Fire Safe Council will present to groups if invited
  • PSA2 – standard audits underway.  Trinity County Food Bank recognized.
  • Wildfire Cameras – efforts renewed to get these installed.
  • RCRC – will be attended this week.  Shared information about the community/local business efforts to pull together the gift basket that will be presented during RCRC.  This is part of a fundraiser for RCRC.

District 3 – Liam Gogan

  • Science of the River – attended session focused on Winter Variable Flows
  • Watershed Meeting – a lot of good things happening through this organization
  • TMC Meeting – the Winter Variable Flow approach was voted down for 2024.  Shared thoughts about how economic impact could be mitigated.  Will continue to focus on negotiations.

District 4 – Heidi Carpenter-Harris

  • Post Mountain visit with Dan Frasier, and Trent Tuthill.  Illegal dumping is a significant issue.
  • Hyampom visit – ongoing discussions regarding solutions to Garret Rd challenges
  • TMC Meeting – participated via zoom
  • Collaborative Meeting

District 5 – Dan Frasier

  • Post Mountain visit
  • Ruth Lake Community Services District Meeting
  • Six River Senior Citizens Meeting
  • Orland tomorrow

I V. Reports from Ad Hocs:

A. Trinity County Water

  • Covered during supervisor updates

B. Cannabis Ordinance

C. Economic Development

  • CERF funding is still a work in progress.  We anticipate being able to formally submit project ideas in the October-November timeframe.
  • CD/Veterans Hall grant request was submitted last week.  This was a focused and collaborative effort involving members of the public (individual and organization) and county staff.  Special recognition offered for those who made this possible.


  • Noted that direction was provided to staff during the last closed session.


  • Public Comment – None
  • Item 3.6 was pulled from the consent calendar.
  • The board approved all other matters on the consent calendar.


  • 3.6   Approve amendment no. 2 to the agreement with SHN Consulting Engineers, Inc. extending term to September 30, 2024 and updating exhibits A & B to provide staff support for processing land use projects and the County’s Surface Mine and Reclamation Act (SMARA) program. Up to $100,000 from Cannabis and Planning funds depending on the project assigned.
    • Ed Prestley – shared that this is a continuance of efforts to support the program through consulting funds.  The majority of funds will be used for planning.  SMARA is not anticipated to require much of this funding.
    • Public Comment
      • Concern that applicants would be paying for services they did not receive. Concern that SHN-supported applications have taken longer to process/approve than others.
      • Concern that funds marked for cannabis are potentially going to be used for non-cannabis-related efforts.
      • Clarified that if applicants pay for services required for their application… then others would not have to pay for services provided to others.
  • Discussion regarding how we can ensure accountability/transparency regarding how these funds are used.
  • Staff clarified that approximately 20% of the requested funds would likely be used on Cannabis-related items.
  • The board approved this matter as presented.
  • Staff was asked to provide an update on how these funds were invested three months from now.


Board of Supervisors

4.1   Adopt a resolution which approves Department of Transportation to plow the driveways of Trinity County Volunteer Fire Departments.

  • Public Comment – none
  • The board approved this matter.

4.2   Introduce and waive the reading of an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 8.44.020 pertaining to General Regulations.

  • This ordinance is focused on the possession and use of fireworks in Trinity County.
  • County Counsel read content changes recommended based on discussions with Chief Corbett.
    • Approval authority – removed approval from State Fire Marshall… leaving it with approval by the “authority having jurisdiction.”
  • Public Comment – None
  • The board approved this matter as amended.

Clerk of the Board

4.3   Select proposals for the 45 day public comment period pursuant to Title I I I Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000.

  • A question was raised as to whether the requirement to use these funds on federal lands would support the request for the purchase of the “jaws of life” tool that is usually used in vehicle accidents.
  • There was some discussion about the potential for uses to qualify for funding by meeting other specific criteria mentioned in the program.  Further clarification will be sought prior this coming to the board for final approval.
  • Funding requests were very close to the amount available.
  • Public Comment – none
  • The board approved this matter as presented.

County Administrative Office

4.4   Approve a policy entitled “Trinity County Seal / Logo” to authorize the County Administrative Officer to approve the use of the County Seal or Logo by noncounty entities and/or the public.

  • Public Comment
    • Concerns were raised that the proposed action could lead to litigation costs for the county.
  • County Counsel provided clarification regarding the action and commented briefly on litigation risk.
  • This decision is regarding a policy to support the ordinance that was previously approved by the board.
  • The board approved this matter as presented.

Human Resources (11:40 AM)

4.5   This matter focused on renaming and restructuring of the Planning Department into the Community Development Department.  NOTE – the description above is my summary of what was on the agenda.  I did this for readability purposes.  You can see the full detail that was on the agenda by clicking this link.

  • Liz Hamilton
  • Presentation shared to explain and clarify this matter
  • This creates a more inclusive title for this part of the organization and is aligned with where many other counties have moved to reflect the full mission/purpose of the organization.
  • This matter has been under consideration for years.
  • This creates a “placeholder” for resources focused on Natural Resources
  • Creates lead staff positions to provide a clear path for moving into leadership roles.
  • This allows for having a Community Development Department Director, Deputy Director, or both.
  • Public Comment
    • Concern was shared that the proposal decreases compensation of senior planner roles will limit our ability to attract/retain high-level planners to support our efforts.  Shared hope that we will be building out a strong team of planners.
    • Shared request for backup materials to be shared with board materials to help clarify the matter prior to the meeting.
    • Shared hope that clarity be provided regarding the role/mission of the natural resources division.
    • Shared concern regarding staffing challenges within this department.
  • Response was provided to concerns shared regarding compensation and to concerns regarding the establishment of a natural resources placeholder.
  • The board approved this matter as presented



5.1   Government Code Section 54954.5(b) – Conference with Real Property Negotiators Address: 430 Morgan Hill, Hayfork, CA Agency Negotiator: Trent Tuthill and Margaret Long Negotiating party: TBD Under Negotiation: Price and Terms of Sale/Payment

5.2   Government Code Section 54954.5(e) – Public Employee Evaluation: County Administrative Officer

BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESClick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – Work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

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I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


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