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This Meeting of the Board included six presentations and a number of important decisions… including approval of our preliminary budget for Trinity County.

Here are the notes I took regarding the meeting. You will notice some references to time in the notes.  These are provided to help those who would like to watch the portion of the recording being referenced in the notes.  Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions.


Board of Supervisors

1.1   Received a presentation from Associate Superintendent, Kevin O’Rorke and Associate Vice President, Ioanna Iatridis from Shasta College regarding enrollment trends, Measure H bond funds, and economic workforce development updates as it relates to Trinity County and the Shasta College Trinity Campus.

  • Reorganization – enhancements coming our way as a result of a reorganization within Shasta College.  Extended Education Sites are now their own division.  This positions them to more effectively compete for resources that can benefit our students.
  • Measure H – Facility Upgrades that expanded career and technical education (CTE) and increased support for our Veterans and current military.  Building a Regional Public Safety Training Facility.  Important technology upgrades for Trinity Campus.
  • Enhanced support for students – enrollment, financial aid, Zoom Room synchronous course offerings, EMT courses, etc.
  • Economic & Workforce Development – this is part of their statutory mission.  Internships, skills development, apprenticeships (earn and learn model), etc… to prepare students for careers.
    • Heavy equipment logging operations and maintenance (HELO) – worked with CalFire grant to purchase equipment
    • Customer Service Certificate
    • Accounting Services Employment Training
    • California Registered Apprenticeship Forest Training
  • Career Café – resource for students seeking work while attending classes, after graduation
  • Molly Stimpfle | Assistant Director of Employer Partnership – partnering with Trinity Together, Trinity County Workforce Roundtable, and Randi Paris of the Watershed Research and Training Center
  • $1 million of grant funds will be sent to Trinity Count over the next four years to improve K-16 collaboration


Child Support Services

1.2   Adopt a proclamation of appreciation recognizing Staff Service Analyst I I Diane Darrah upon her retirement from Trinity County and North Coast Regional Department of Child Support Services.

  • The board approved this matter and the proclamation was presented to Diane Darrah


Clerk of the Board

1.3   Receive an update from U.S. Forest Service representatives regarding matters of interest in Trinity County.

  • Fires – update on 9 fires over the last few weeks.  All fires are out or contained
  • Staffing – reported several changes in leadership roles due to retirement, promotion and rotation.
  • Fuels – bids being accepted, proposal reviews later this month.  1,000 acres of prescribed burns.  Adding a 10 person fuels module.  Will hire leadership positions first – hope to have the full crew in place by early 2024
  • Timber Sale – work underway
  • Open House MeetingsClick here to visit the USFS page with details on Open House Schedule.
  • Good Neighbor Authority – progress being made and anticipate completion soon
  • Recreation – working on trail system.  Closed East Weaver Campground due to concerns of hazard trees falling in/near campgrounds.  Working on cleanup.
  • Water Recreation – permit expired in Trinity Center – being re-evaluated, working on Minersville Boat Ramp


County Administrative Office

1.4   Receive a presentation on Trinity Lake cold storage pool needs and potential alternative recommendations for the on going Trinity River Division re-consultation.

  • Tom Stokely – Save California Salmon, Institute for Fisheries Resources…
  • Encouraged board and residents to use their “power” to make a difference regarding the future health of Trinity River
  • Shared historical highlights of decisions related to management of Trinity River
  • Water temperatures called for today are too warm to meet goals for healthy spawning
  • Current Situation – Reconsultation underway for both CVP and Trinity River
  • Minimum Carryover Storage
    • Current level of 600,000 acre feet is not sufficient and not managed to
    • Previous efforts attempted to establish 1.25 million to 1.5 million acre feet
    • 1998 Study focused on the amount of carryover storage to support goals through droughts
    • Maximum level established to ensure safety – allowing for management of heavy flows
    • Contracts commit release of more water than we can support
  • Possible ways forward were shared
  • Concern raised that Trinity River is being considered as part of CVP (central valley project).  Feels we should have a separate environmental study for Trinity River aspect of Reconsultation.
  • Shared concerns with several of the alternatives currently being considered. Alternatives 1 & 4 deemed to be the worst.  Bad components in alternatives 2 & 3.
  • Proposed a new alternative – includes moratorium on winter variable flows approach until analysis can be evaluated.
  • Encouraged us to stay focused on TMC decisions regarding leadership, decision making, etc… to ensure we don’t lose our ability to weigh in on key decisions.
  • Encouraged us to invest in a water lawyer to defend our position
  • To position ourselves to be better able to have input and influence
    • Hire a good water lawyer – he feels litigation offers the strongest possibility of “winning”
    • CAO attending key meetings (first time he’s experienced this)
    • Establish Natural Resources Division that can stay informed and actively participate
    • Provide Patrick Flynn with the resources he needs to represent us.
  • Public Role
    • Stay informed
    • Strong Outreach
    • Alignment on messaging/requests/expectations (where possible)
    • Read “How the Trinity River Lost It’s Water” ebook

Planning and Zoning

1.5   Receive a department overview from Interim Deputy Director Planning.

  • Ed Prestley | Interim Deputy Director of Planning
  • Building, Cannabis, Environmental Health, Planning
  • 22 of 30 allocated positions filled
  • Building Department
    • 3 of 4 allocated positions filled
    • Building Inspector III vacant for now
    • Building Inspector II (Cody) leads the team at this point
    • Permit processing to ensure code compliance – health and safety
    • 557 building permits in last 12 months
  • Cannabis Division
    • 10 positions funded and filled (14 total allocated)
    • Grant funded & Cost Recovery department
    • 413 applications received, 231 noticed, 173 issued
    • Equity Grant – we need to rework our documentation for next submission.  Funding above $500,000 requires matching funds
  • Environmental Health. 11:06 am
    • 5 of 5 allocated positions filled (though one of these just gave notice of leaving)
    • 200 food facilities (inspections required multiple times per year)
    • Septic systems, wells, etc.  Average of 200 water well permits per year
    • Community water systems, Public Pools & Spas
    • Body Art Facilities – 2
    • Emergency Response – assessing damage, risks, etc.
    • Emergency Hazmat Response – lead on incidents
    • Code Enforcement – air, water, sewage, etc.
    • 32 Active Solid Wast Sites in Trinity County
    • Public Health Matters – rabies, ticks, algae, etc.
    • General Fund | Cost Recovery – fee study completed
  • Planning Division
    • 5 of 7 allocated positions filled (5 funded)
    • Building permits, director’s use permits, conditional use permits, general plan, etc.
    • Environmental Compliance – river restoration representative, etc.
    • General Fund | Coster Recovery – fee study ready to present to board
  • Economic Development & the Planning Department
    • Infrastructure
      • Digital 299 Broadband Project
      • $500,000 grant for
    • Business Growth
      • Grocery Outlet, Roundtable Pizza
    • Housing – Limited Density Dwelling Ordinance
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit Streamlining Ordinance



1.6   Receive a presentation from Caltrans District 2 System Planning regarding the State Route 3 Corridor Plan.  (11:26 AM)

  • Corridor Plan – 20 year consensus-based concept.
  • Traffic data used in this plan is from 2019
  • Timeline Shared – public comments July 21st through August 18th.  Adopted by early September.
  • Public can find information on their website when public comment period begins


  • Concerns raised regarding county leadership and staffing to support child support services.
  • Concerns raised regarding condition of county roads.  Highlighted Post Mountain area as special area of concern.  Ruth Lake area was also mentioned.



Report from Department Heads

  • Liz Hamilton | Health & Human Services & Office of Emergency Services
  • Skylar Fisher | Trinity County Resource Conservation District
    • Hazard Mitigation Plan – being prepared in conjunction with OES
    • Evaluating hazard risks (earthquakes, dam failures, etc).  Which communities are at greatest risk.
    • Develop long term plan for mitigating risks.  Build more/new partnership to enhance our ability to respond.  Enhancing communication/engagement with the public.
    • Planning for regular updates (every 5 years) for board approval
    • Currently outside of 5 year window as last plan was in 2016.
    • Completing this process will mean we are once again eligible for funds
    • Community Meetings. 11:41 AM. In person & via Zoom
      • Gather input through a public survey – also available online
        • See RCD website, Facebook Page, FB Community Pages/Groups
        • Estimate 5 minutes to complete the survey
      • Goal is to complete this by end of year.

Report from County Administrative Officer

  • Vehicle Abatement Program – working on program adjustments and will present something at the 7.18 board meeting
  • Frontier Communications – progress reported as a result of work with company executives.  Now receiving weekly updates.
  • Broadband Digital Equity Survey – great progress in gathering the 250 responses needed.  Last report we went from 3 to 170


Reports from Members of the Board of Supervisors

District 1 – Ric Leutwyler

  • No out of county travel to report
  • Committee Updates
    • Trinity County Fire Chiefs Association – Met on Monday, 6.2.23
      • An RFP for Title III funding (used to support fuel management and more) should be available within the next 1-2 weeks.  There is an estimated $250,000 available.  I was asked to put a reminder on the calendar for this so that we can move as quickly as possible to invest these funds.
      • The County-wide training initiative was a big success.
      • Air Rescue Training scheduled for 6.20.23
  • Trinity Lake & River Releases
    • Work continues on several fronts. The board agenda includes a letter to the BOR regarding this matter.
    • I will be hosting a town hall meeting on this subject in Trinity Center from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the IOOF Hall.  CAO – Trent Tuthill will be joining me.
  • Frontier Communications Outages – CAO – Trent Tuthill is now working with executives and we appear to be making progress.
  • Water Trucks – I met with the owners of two legally operated water delivery companies.  They shared concerns regarding all the illegal water deliveries taking place.  They indicated that the legally operated businesses might not survive if we don’t find a way to address all the illegal deliveries.


District 2 – Jill Cox

  • General Plan Update Meetings – attended in June
  • United Policy Holders Meeting regarding home/fire insurance.  She will share a link to the presentation materials for others who are interested.
  • Secure Rural Schools Meeting – we need to choose how we will request allocation of funding
  • Feasibility Study – meeting tomorrow request a feasibility study regarding renovation of the CD/Veterans Hall (with Cooperative Extension)
  • Acknowledged Jeff Englund, Connor Nixon and the Trinity County Food Bank for selection as California’s Nonprofit of the Year
  • PSA2 – provided a brief update on yesterday’s board meeting.


District 3 – Liam Gogan – Absent

District 4 – Heidi Carpenter-Harris – Absent

District 5 – Dan Frasier – Nothing to report

Reports from Ad Hocs:

A. Trinity County Water – Nothing to report

B. Cannabis Ordinance – Weekly meetings have been on hold due to focus on application processing as we approach the cut-off dates for cultivators to plant.

C. Economic Development

  • On 6.28.23, I will be representing Nick Goulette (Executive Director – Watershed Research & Training Center) at a steering committee meeting regarding the process for allocating CERF (Community Economic Resilience Fund) funding.
  • The TOT-funded partners continue their efforts to collaborate for greater impact.  I will make a request on their behalf when the board reviews proposals for use of special funding.
  • I released an Economic Development Update with information about some of the key initiatives.  This included information about the anticipated economic impact from having 169 active permits this year vs 7 at the same time last year.
  • The difference – We can expect a $32 million increase in income to residents/cultivators and a $500,000 increase in cannabis tax revenues.  Cannabis retail is also generating sales tax revenues.
  • There is now a FB page dedicated to Trinity County Economic Development

Public Comment

  • Acknowledged positive impact of DOT increasing transportation for key areas of the county to 5 days per week
  • Items 3.8, 3.22, 3.23 pulled because they require 4/5 votes and we only have 3 supervisors attending today’s meeting.  These will be addressed at the next board meeting.
  • 3.18 pulled due to the need for revisions
  • All other items on the Consent Calendar were approved by the board

3.18 Approve an agreement with Daniel W. Harwood, M.D. to perform autopsies on an as needed basis. Not to exceed $55,000 per fiscal year from the Sheriff’s budget.

  • Made adjustments to insurance coverage (removing general liability coverage)
  • The board approved the amended motion

Solid Waste

4.1   Conduct a public hearing to consider taking action on protests regarding the number of units charged to residences or businesses for the solid waste annual parcel fees.  Potential reduction of revenues in the amount of $100 per equivalent unit to the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund.

  • Diane Raider | Solid Waste Director – shared the process followed to this date.
  • Public Comment – Request made to consider consolidation of fees.  Noted that speaker has until June 30 to speak to department about this situation.



Behavioral Health Services

5.1   Introduce and waive the reading of an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 2.34.050 pertaining to Children and Families First Five Commission, introduced June 21, 2016.

  • Proposing adjustment of 5 commissioners to 7 commissioners.
  • The board approved this motion


County Administrative Office

5.2   Introduce and waive the reading of an ordinance adding Trinity County Code Section 2.05 – County Seal.

  • Proposing a new ordinance that will provide protection of our County Seal.
  • Two options – pursue Trademark or introduce a new ordinance.  Staff recommendation to introduce new ordinance as it is quicker, less expensive, and easier/cheaper to act upon.
  • The board approved this motion


5.3 Adopt a resolution which adopts the preliminary budget for FY23/24, including Reserves, Enterprise Funds and dependent Special Districts in the amount of $150,987,741.

  • Preliminary budget exceeds what we can afford.  The budget review/approval process will lead to the balanced budget that we will need to approve by the end of September.
  • Includes proposal on how to allocate $4.8 million funds received late last year. (LATCF)
  • Public Comment
    • Karla Avila | Executive Director Trinity County Arts Council
      • Informed board and CAO of plans to request additional funding this year to support unified efforts focused upon Tourism.
      • Noted that the TOT-Funded Partners used to receive a greater amount (and percentage) of TOT funds.
      • TOT-Funded Partners received less than $45,000 last year.  They invested over $50,000 into advertising last year.
      • Additional funding of $100,000 per year for 3 years – would support hiring of a Director of Tourism.
      • Asked for $70,000 to TOT-Funded Partners
  • CAO Tuthill shared the process used to choose these proposed uses out of the more than $12 million worth of needs that were presented by Department Heads.  This included separating into round 1 and round 2 – anticipating that we will receive another $4.8 million this year.
  • We then reviewed the proposed uses of the LATCF fund $4.8 million.
    • $96,360 contribution for the County to join NACo and National Center for Public Lands Counties to support rural counties with high density of federal land, working PILT and SRS type funding challenges on behalf of all effected counties. (For budget allocation purposes only, pending board approval at future meeting)
    • $10,000 for needed shelving in the Assessor’s Office for filing of property records required to be kept by the Assessor’s Office.
    • $900,000 for Department of Transportation to purchase a Patch Truck ($400,000), Asphalt Paver ($200,000) and Multihog ($300,000).
    • $1,000,000 to partially offset the County’s match portion of repairs to County roads due to storm damage.
    • $1,000,000 for the County’s match portion of storm damage repair to Canyon Creek Road.
    • $200,000 for Department of Transportation for repair projects for East Weaver and Oregon Street Culvert.
    • $25,000 for new carpet and chairs in the Board room.
    • $354,450 for the re-roof of the Courthouse and replacement of fire sprinklers within the courthouse.
    • $47,840 for the Treasurer/Tax Collector for Cannabis Tax software.
    • $54,470 for IT for replacement fiber between the Courthouse and the Library/Board Chambers and new fiber connection to the County Offices located within the Hayfork Community Center and Sheriff’s Substation
    • Tourism Allocation –  a motion was made to set aside $127,000 for the TOT-Funded Partners to support increase investment in efforts to drive tourism.  This item was added to the list presented by CAO Tuthill.  These funds will be set aside so that the board can make a decision to award based on the presentation given by the TOT-Funded Partners at a future board meeting.
  • The board approved the amended motion.


General Services

5.4   Award Above Board Construction & Roofing Inc. dba; ABC Roofing & Solar, the contract for the Trinity County Courthouse Roof Replacement Project and authorize the CAO to sign any amendments/change orders as needed. $304,285 from Capital Building Program, Department 1810.

  • The board approved this matter.

Planning and Zoning

5.5   Approve an agreement with Transcon Environmental, Inc., to provide site services, environmental feasibility study and permit services, and authorize the CAO to sign for expenditures from the Local Area Technical Assistance (LATA) Grant . No impact to General Fund; expenditures total from LATA grant $373,500.

  • Connie Stewart | CalPoly Humboldt
    • Acknowledged Supervisor Cox for efforts to initiate conversations regarding this matter last Fall
    • Middle Mile – Digital 299 initiative is underway to address this aspect
    • Last Mile – focuses on delivery of services to the end user… regardless of how rural/remote.
    • This agreement (and grant funding) helps us establish a clear path forward for “last mile” delivery of services.
    • Anticipate that funding to implement plans will be coming soon… so the timing of this agreement/effort is crucial.
    • Acknowledgement of county staff’s extensive efforts to get us ready for this important initiative.
    • This approach is designed to not undercut our local/homegrown providers… not bring in new providers to displace them.  The process still involves competition to ensure end users have access to the best alternatives.
  • The board approved this matter.



5.6   Approve a budget adjustment for FY 22/23 for Probation – Dept. 2400 increasing Services & Supplies by $26,126; and approve a budget adjustment for FY 22/23 for General Fund Contingency – Dept. 9901 decreasing Provisions for Contingency by $26,126. Increase in General Fund appropriations in the amount of $26,126; current balance in contingency is $134,785.

  • This was pulled because it requires 4/5 vote.


  • Chair Cox provided a report on our most recent closed session.



6.1   Government Code Section 54954.5(f) – Conference with Labor Negotiators County’s Designated Representatives: Margaret Long and Suzie Hawkins Employee Organizations: General Unit, and Management and Confidential Unit


BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

BOARD VIDEO RECORDINGSclick here to access video recordings of board meetings.

I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


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