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This board meeting included four presentations, a lot of public comment, and some important decisions – including a board resolution regarding cannabis cultivation renewal permits. This is a very lengthy update as I was attempting to capture a lot of information regarding the presentations.  Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions.


  • Chair Cox and I reported out on prior closed sessions.


Behavioral Health Services | Connie Smith

1.1   Receive a presentation from the Director of Behavioral Health Services, Connie Cessna Smith, on the program overview.

  • Connie provided a concise and informative presentation regarding Behavioral Health Services in Trinity County.
  • Medi-Cal Provider for Trinity County – 50% reimbursement of the cost of services, HHS must cover the remaining cost
  • Total of 41 FTEs allocated in the current budget.  36 for Mental Health Services (5.2 are vacant).  5 FTEs for Substance Use Disorder Services (2 are vacant).
  • Clinics in Weaverville and Hayfork.  24/7 Mobile Crisis Response & Intervention
  • 243 clients as of this report.  District 2 has a much higher percentage of participants than any other district (easier access to services could be a factor).
  • Expanding access to services by mobilizing care, including mobile telehealth – to serve consumers in their own communities.  Worked with schools to install telehealth kiosks
  • Funds a Patient’s Rights Advocate
  • MHSA Modernization – Big changes are coming. 30% of MHSA funding may be reallocated to address this need.
    • Funding for some support provided to/through schools would likely be cut
  • Care Court already approved/in place.  Lots to learn.  Addresses the fact that people can not be forced to come in for services/treatment… yet there are fines for these individuals not receiving their services/treatment.
  • Homeless Housing – funding for this is available and being accessed.  This is new to this organization and there is a lot to learn.

Clerk of the Board

1.2   Receive an update from U.S. Forest Service representatives regarding matters of interest in Trinity County.

  • Ben Sendal | Deputy District Ranger
  • Filled Rec Progam Manager – Mike McFadden
  • Hiring 3 additional foresters and 3 additional botanists
  • Fire Ecology position – expected to be filled soon
  • Hiring additional front desk staff in Weaverville and Hayfork to improve customer service
  • Recruiting for permanent Deputy District Ranger for the West side of the county
  • Strong participation in the hiring events
  • Fuels Treatments
    • 930 acres so far this year… significant increase from last year.  The majority of this was pile burning due to conditions
    • RCD and Watershed organizations have been strong collaborators
    • Will be doing manual fuel treatments on ridges
  • Still hiring for fuel suppression positions
  • A small fire in Hyampom was extinguished quickly
  • Trail clearing is underway… a lot of slow-moving manual work to be done.
  • Partnerships
    • Hyampom field trip with Trinity Collaborative
    • Bowerman project – experienced a strong public turnout last weekend
  • Open House meetings will take place in June and July.  Flyers will be released with dates and locations throughout the county
  • Hoping to add 16 additional forestry positions to provide better coverage

County Administrative Office

1.3   Receive a presentation from PARS regarding the benefits of establishing a PensionTrust. – rescheduled to June 6th

1.4   Receive a presentation from Trinity River Restoration Project regarding the Trinity River project.

  • Don Bader | Area Manager – Northern California Area Office
  • Mike Dixon | Executive Director – Trinity River Restoration Program
  • Trinity Record of Decision (which establish parameter for managing water) has not been reevaluated since 2000.  It is now under reconsultation
  • Shasta Dam Reservoir – largest in the State is now full
  • Trinity Dam Reservoir – third largest in the State
  • Purpose of the Trinity River Division
    • 1955 act authorized construction of the TRD “principal purpose of increasing the supply of water available for irrigation and other beneficial uses in the Central Valley… Provided that the Secretary is authorized and directed to adopt appropriate measures to insure the preservation and propagation of fish and wildlife.”
    • Central Valley Project Improvement Act added fish and wildlife purposes as co-equal to water supply.
    • Hydropower authorized as a secondary purpose
  • Winter Construction Project
    • Shared images of bulkhead removal in November to support first renovation since installation. Taken offsite to be refurbishment and then re-installed.  Shared images of it being reinstalled while underwater.
      • Had to shut down power generation for re-installation.  The different method of release didn’t increase the amount of water released.
      • Confirmed again that no additional volume was released during the work
      • TPUD inadvertently not invited to first meeting, invited to other two meetings.  Scheduling a special meeting with all power-related customers (like PUD) to ensure their input is received for use in the reconsultation of the ROD
    • March 2022 – following 2nd year of severe drought – decision to initiate reconsultation of ROD
    • No diversions to CVP due to low lake levels
    • Reconsultation will include recreation as a component to consider in water management
    • Supervisor Carpenter-Harris raised concerns regarding a single-species approach to managing the river.
    • Supervisor Cox asked if (before reconsultation) the BOR has the authority to take lake level into consideration when deciding how much water to release?  The answer was “no”
    • Goal is to completed reconsultation process in time for decision making next Spring
  • Winter Variable Flows
    • Discussed goals of this approach.  Shared that development of this proposal Beghin in 2017 but was first enacted this year.  Shifts more flows into the winter months.  Piggy back on winter storm events in Dec-Feb.  Add to the base winter flow Feb-Apr.  Reduce early summer flows for temperature. Does not change the overall annual ROD volume.
    • No plans to drop flows below 450 in the summer
    • Supervisor Gogan shared concerns regarding economic impact of Feb-April releases that caused loss of fishing-related income for businesses in Trinity County.
    • Anticipating that a NEPA document will be issued this Winter regarding the Winter Variable Flows.  This would include evaluation of economic input.
    • Absent a positive vote by the TMC to continue with the WVF, the recommendation to the Department of Interior would be to return to previous methods.
    • Interested Parties Meetings – one took place last week.  This is not advertised as a meeting open to the public.
      • Joanna Beck is the person to contact if a group is interested in participating in these discussion.  Mike Dixon offered that representatives can also contact him directly to reach Joanna.  I mentioned that a community-driven group is forming that would likely want to participate in these discussions.
      • Don’s organization does not have the lead for the reconsultation process
    • Shared a graph illustrating what would have been natural flows (based on inflows) and what the WVF schedule actually released.  This is based on measurements of lake levels
    • Shasta Dam – refill potential every 4-5 years
      • Average inflow is 5.7 million acre-feet
      • Capacity of Shasta is 4.5 million acre-feet
    • Trinity Dam – refill potential every 8-10 years
      • Average inflow is 1.18 million acre-feet
      • Capacity of Trinity is 2.45 million acre-feet
    • Shared chart showing lake levels going back to 1964.
    • Shared chart showing details regarding water year type, inflows, releases, etc.
    • Don & Mike’s input to the process will be that diversions should be very limited during critically dry years.
    • CVP (centeral valley project) is undergoing reconsultation now as well
    • Shared pie chart showing allocations of water releases for 2001-2022 – half is diversions to CVP
    • Current Year Data
      • Shasta Dam inflow projection – 5.8 million acre-feet
      • Trinity Dam inflow projection – 1.5 million acre-feet
      • Trinity Dam projected lake level
        • September 2023 1262 (50%)
        • March 2024 1600
      • Diversions to CVP are anticipated to be very limited due to Shasta being so full
        • Power generation capacity will be limited by this change since power can be generated at various stages of the release
      • Need to pay attention to Lewiston Lake water temperatures
      • Water temperature curtains at Whiskeytown Lake help to manage water temperatures (addressing water temperature increases caused by electricity generation)
    • 5 total critically dry years since 2000 ROD.  3 in a row – 2020 to 2022.
    • 2022-2024 – lowest CVP diversions on record
  • Reconsultation Process | Mike Dixon
    • Acknowledged concerns regarding single species management… and indicated that WVF (and what is bring proposed) are meant to help
    • September 30, 2021 – Reclamation requested reconsultation under ESA
    • February 28, 2022 – Notice of Intent to prepare an EIS published in the Federal Register
    • Scoping completed – March 30, 2022
    • Summer 2022 – Reclamation commits to co-lead role for Trinity reconsultation w/Hoopa Valley & Yurok Tribes
    • December 15, 2022 and February 10, 2023 – Interested Parties meetings for brainstorming components of alternatives
    • May 12, 2023 – Conceptual alternatives presented at final interested parties meeting
    • Conceptual Alternatives
      • No Action Alternative – 2020 ROD/2000 ROD
      • Alternative 1 – Water Quality Control Plans
      • Alternative 2 – Multi-Agency Deliberation
      • Alternative 3 – Modified Natural Hydrograph
      • Alternative 4 – Risk-Informed Operations
    • Trinity River – Storage Management, Minimum Pool
      • No Action Alternative – 600 TAF
      • Alternative – 750 TAF minimum and provide contingency storage for multi-year drought
        • Year 1 = 1.2 MAF, Year 2 = 2 900 T(thousand)AF; Year 3 = 3 750 TAF
      • Alternative – 750 TAF
    • Trinity River – Storage Management, Trans-Basin Diversion Season
      • Alternative – Releases in Spring/early Summer will prioritize meeting Trinity River flow and temperature objectives; diversion to meet other CVP needs would occur after; subject to minimum pool
    • Trinity River – Variable Intreat Flows, Restoration Flow Releases
      • Alternative – Volumes the same as NAA; timing of releases will result in average of 50% of volume occurring prior to April 15
      • Alternative – Same as Alt 2, except in regard to seasonal base flows as described later
    • Trinity River – Variable Instream Flows, Restoration Flow Releases
      • Alternative – Winter and Summer base flows are the same as NAA, but the timing of when. Ramp from winter base flows and ramp down to Summer base flows would shift
      • Alternative – Base flows would be determined based on scaled natural inflow
    • Trinity River – Variable Instream Flows, Fall Pulse Flows
      • Fall pulse flows could be released based upon reaching a trigger at the Trinity River above North Fork gauge
    • Trinity River – Variable Instream Flows, Lower Klamath Flow Augmentation Releases
      •  … action components equal to or less than the volumes described their could also be leveraged to address the risk of a major fish mortality event in the lower Trinity River
    • Humboldt County’s 50,000 Acre-feet allocation – they are working on a contract/plan for this.  This water would come out of water available for CVP… and would be in addition to restoration amounts, etc.  Evaluation of the impact of their proposed plans will be required once the proposal is complete.
    • Trinity River – Temperature Management
      • Same as no action alternative with additional targets at Lewiston Dam
        • 53.5° – 9.15 to 10.31,
        • 50° ll.1 to 12.31, and 4 1.1 to 3.1
    • Next Steps
      • WIIN Quarterly Meeting – 6.12.2023
      • Interested Parties meetings merged with the rest of CVP, the next one is 7.7.23
      • Public Draft EIS – Late Summer/early Fall 2023
      • Biological Assessment to NMfS – Fall 2023
      • Record of Decision – 2024
      • Opportunity for Trinity County to have official representation – Mike will follow up
      • I will follow up with the community-driven coalition about reaching out to Mike to get involved/represented at the July Interested Parties Meeting

County Counsel

1.5   Received a presentation from County Counsel Margaret Long to give direction on establishing procedures for addressing disruptions of public meetings. – Pulled from agenda.


1.6   Adopt a proclamation recognizing May 15 as National Peace Officers Day and May 15-21, 2023 as National Peace Officer Week.

  • The board approved this proclamation which was presented to Sheriff Saxon and Under Sheriff Ward.


1.7   Adopt a proclamation declaring May 21-27, 2023 as Public Works Week.

  • This includes DOT, Solid Waste, and General Services
  • The board approved this proclamation which was presented to Director Kokkas and members of his team.


  • Concern that Supervisor Cox’s actions are making things worse for the county and called for Chair Cox to resign.  Indicated that a matter is being submitted to remove Chair Cox from the role of Chair and from committees.
  • Referred to the website – and shared concerns regarding the content of a recent PRA request.
  • Appreciation was shared for the hard work done by Supervisors and staff – including Sheriff’s office.  Call for Supervisors to engage with the Sheriff’s office regarding the raid in the Pines that resulted in the death of a dog.  Asked why there was not a translator, or an animal control representative.
  • Concern was raised regarding the cannabis-related raid that took place.  Indicated that this did not follow the procedures established for situations like this.  Raised questions regarding legal advice given related to this raid.  Call for the board to freeze funding for raids until this is investigated.
  • Questions were raised about the decision to raid a state-licensed farm vs. totally unlicensed farms.  Concern was shared regarding the impact of the raid/shooting on her son.
  • Request for two agenda items. 1 – regular and concise updates regarding PRA-related investigation.  2 – thorough report on the raid, the evidence, and the processes before/after.
  • Hmong community representative shared concerns that the recent raid leads others to believe they should not bother with the licensing process.  Call for licenses/permits to be approved.  Shared hope that the raid did not reflect an act of discrimination.
  • Concerns were shared regarding strain on small businesses and that business has been lost due to people moving and businesses closing.  70% reduction in business from 2021.
  • Shared concerns related to the raid and the recognition given to peace officers today
  • Concerns were shared regarding the raid, the delays in approving licenses, and the contents of PRA requests.  Called for resignation by Chair Cox.
  • Requested meeting with CAO to discuss plans for the CD Hall.
  • Concern was shared that new requirements for variances for her cannabis permit are keeping her from operating for a second year in a row – sharing that she cannot financially afford to go another season without being able to farm.
  • Concerns were shared regarding ongoing delays in approving cannabis permit applications.  Shared that his son is now living on the coast due to safety concerns related to the recent raid.  Echoed calls for details regarding the raid.
  • Call for more inclusion and less division.  Echoed concerns regarding the absence of an interpreter in conjunction with the recent raid.
  • Echoed concerns regarding the raid, a failure to follow protocols, abuse of power, call for the freezing of funds for raids, etc.
  • Shared that 1/2 million people have viewed the video of the raid.  Echoed calls for investigation into the raid.
  • Shared that this feels like 2018 again… relating to raids, etc.  Concern that building permits that have expired are treated so differently than cannabis permits that have expired.
  • Supervisor Gogan shared concerns about Chair Cox’s relationship with TAA and related influence.
  • Supervisor Frasier asked for board discussion regarding the need for the removal of the Chair to be put on an upcoming agenda so that this matter can be formally addressed.


2.1   I. Report from Department Heads

  • Shanna White | County Clerk & Assessor
    • The Property Tax process is well underway.  32% of taxes collected are from property taxes.
  • Tim Saxon | Sheriff
    • Swore in three new correctional deputies last week, three more in background check status
    • Received notice of success in 5-year grant request for $1.6 M to support deputy position and probation officer to work in schools.  The focus is on prevention and intervention for the safety of students
    • Statements made related to the raid
      • Press Release – he approved.  It combined 8 search warrants
      • Video is part of the evidence for these cases
      • Evidence has been presented to the D.A.
      • Won’t release too many details since the cases still need to be adjudicated.
      • Evidence at the sight that the dog was trained to attack – including bight sleeves used to train for this.
      • Efforts were made to draw the subject out but he kept moving back into the area where the dog could reach officers
      • CalFire is doing a full-scale investigation.
      • The farm was not fully licensed (had a state license).
      • Illegal pesticides, cannabis products not tagged/enrolled in the system,
      • CalFire was there because there are often fire violations in these situations.
      • Referenced situations in which they have provided clean dry clothing to individuals they are detaining for questioning.
      • Judge signs off on search warrant – not D.A.
      • Cannabis funds were not used for this raid
  • Drew Plebani | Cannabis Division Director
    • Licensing Stats
      • 198 Environmental Documents approved
      • 134 Active Licenses

I I. Report from County Administrative Officer

  • County Counsel evaluation completed on May 2nd
  • There will be a review of all Professional Service agreements will include 1-year term with an option for three renewals.  RFPs will be issued upon completion of the third renewal.
  • Liz Hamilton will continue as interim Human Resource Director through July 31.  Recruitment for the full-time replacement is underway – with an increased pay range.
  • One county employee has taken advantage of the home purchasing program, and two others are in the process.

I I I. Reports from Members of the Board of Supervisors

Ric Leutwyler

  • Trinity County Fire Chiefs Association
    • There is some interest in chiefs being trained/certified to review fire and safety plans for cannabis manufacturing sites.
    • Red Cross shared information about their support when homes are destroyed or severely damaged to the point that they will be uninhabitable for 48 hours.
        • Homeowners who experience this kind of tragedy should call 800 RED CROSS.  Support includes:
      • Immediate financial assistance in the form of a debit card (exceptions – alcohol and cigarettes)
      • Nurses can help get a replacement of medications, eyeglasses, dentures, etc.
      • Spiritual Care and Mental Healthcare
      • Qualifications – just have to be living in the house… no questions about citizenship income etc.
      • There are three Red Cross volunteers in Trinity County – they would like to have five.
  • Superior California Economic Development District (SCEDD) – Board Meeting in Redding on Thursday, 5.18 from 11 AM to 2 PM
  • Trinity Lake & River
  • Frontier Communications Outages
    • Senator McGuire’s office reached out for details regarding reported concerns
    • Online Survey – I launched an online survey for residents to use in reporting difficulty in working with Frontier Communications regarding extended outages. This is NOT meant to replace or interfere with efforts to reach Frontier Communications directly.  Here is the link.
  • Public Records Act
    • I have been told that requests have been made for some of my county-related correspondence.  As of this writing, I have received no formal notice of this taking place.

Jill Cox

  • PSA2
    • Filled a key position in Trinity County – through the Church of Nazarene
    • Looking for two people to speak at the state level regarding issues related to the needs of the aging population
  • RCRC
    • 2-day meeting in Butte County
    • Water – several bills are on the verge of being passed AB60, AB1337, and SB389.  RCRC is taking a stance against all three of these.
    • Forest Management & Fire Management – four bills of interest.  She will share with Supervisor Leutwyler for Fire Chief’s Meeting
    • Public input on Fire Safety Maps can still be provided by phone/online links
    • Debt Ceiling & Budget/Advocacy – available through COB
    • Safe Cannabis Banking Bill – May 11th meeting
    • Health Care Matters – AB525 is a bill of interest
    • RCRC Photo Contest – open to the public to “show off” Trinity County. Infor from COB

Liam Gogan

  • Meetings with TRRP/BOR
  • Grateful for the survey related to water matters
  • LAFCO follow-up notes – no vacancy in Hayfork Water District

Heidi Carpenter-Harris

  • Grateful for the information provided today regarding water-related matters
  • Trinity County Collaborative – will be presenting to them
  • RC&D – two 1/2 day meetings (rural counties and development).  Good programs are in place.  Trinity County’s focus is on conservation, fire preparedness, etc…
  • Met with constituents regarding road-related concerns
  • Spent time in Planning & Cannabis Division office
  • Fair Board meeting this week

Dan Frasier

  • Tour of South County roads with DOT personnel

I V. Reports from Ad Hocs:

A. Trinity County Water

  • Covered above

B. Cannabis Ordinance

  • Ongoing efforts on ordinance update
    • Matter in front of the board today
    • Public workshops are planned to present information regarding the proposed updates.  These will take place before this matter is brought before the board for consideration.

C. Economic Development

  • Shared that a form is available online for input regarding ideas, projects, and resources that should be considered in economic development planning and collaboration.


  • The board approved all items


County Administrative Office

4.1   Pursuant to County Fee Waiver Policy find that Trinity Food Outreach, Inc applications for waiver of county fees are not for the purpose of fundraising and provide a public benefit and waive half of the solid waste fees for their Spring Cleaning in the Lewiston Subdivision. Loss of revenue in the amount of $4,862 to the Solid Waste Department.

  • Connor Nixon spoke in support of this request.  Shared that the request is to cover half of the costs of dumpsters.  This initiative is being funded through a 501C3 that supports food banks and more.  The initiative is focused on cleaning up alleyways – including vehicles – to provide a cleaner neighborhood and to provide access to emergency responders.  Savings from 50% donation of dumpsters will be used to address additional cleanup and vehicle abatement needs.  Shared that several fires have taken place in this area and blocked alleyways cause a health and safety risk in this 3rd largest community in Trinity County.
  • Support was offered for this initiative.
  • The board approved this matter.


4.2   Adopt a resolution to allow the streamlined approval of Cannabis Licenses that require a CCV for the calendar year 2023.

  • Drew Plebani | Cannabis Division Director
    • Setback requirements – until sometime in 2022 measurements were taken from the mature canopy.  Division staff subsequently changed to measuring from other cultivation-related structures.  The proposal to change the ordinance via the Planning Commission was rejected.
    • Designated Area would have been the term used if the measurement was to have been taken as currently applied.
    • Terminology change – not temporary approval of permits… temporary waiver of setback requirements.
    • The intent of the setback was to minimize the impact on the sensitive receptors of nearby neighbors.  Homeowners of adjacent parcels were provided the opportunity to object to a 350’ setback.
    • This process is not meant to eliminate this opportunity for neighbors to object.
  • Questions for Cannabis Resolution:
    • On average, how many hours are required to prepare staff reports for applications with CCV requirements for Planning Commission Hearing? Answer – 8 hours plus site inspection to verify distances.
    • How long would it take for staff to process this same number of applications through the standard planning commission process (preparing materials, noticing, etc.)?  Answer – 500 to 1,000 hours.  Six months
    • How many of these applicants would likely not be approved in time for this cultivation season?  Answer – 100
    • Based on estimates used for financial forecasts, how much tax revenue does the average cultivation permit represent for Trinity County on an annual basis? Answer – $3,000. Estimated gross income of $20 M to be lost if these applications are not approved.  Six-figure loss in fees
    • Please confirm, this resolution only applies to renewals. Answer – yes.
    • Please confirm, residents will be notified by mail and via the newspaper and have the opportunity to share concerns.  Answer-  Legal notices to the newspaper.  Every adjacent residence within a 350’ radius of the parcel boundary receives notice in the mail
    • Would increasing the notice period from 10 business days to 15 business days still allow sufficient time for renewal applicants to get operations underway this growing season? Answer – Legal notice in paper and mail notices go out on Fridays… clarified that adjacent neighbors could respond via phone, email, or mail.  The extra week would cause extra staff work and potentially cause additional challenges for farmers
    • Please confirm, if affected residents share concerns then the renewal permit would go through the normal Planning Commission process. Answer – Yes – if formal opposition.
    • Please confirm, all renewal applications have completed the CEQA/Appendix C process, established mitigation plans to address variances, etc.  Answer – Yes… before being noticed as approved.
    • Help us understand why all of these applications have not already been approved through the normal process.  Answer – Staff capacity.  CCVs were on hold to ensure that the environmental documents being approved meet all the requirements for operations that are within the 350’.  Examples are given regarding mitigation requirements that can change based on distance from adjacent residences.
    • What assurances can you provide that appropriate mitigations will be in place for operations that require variances?  Answer – An odor control plan is already required.  Noise and light attenuation plans are also required with variances.  Odor nuisances reported requiring action/mitigation.  Odor-measuring devices will be used in the future.
    • Have other renewal applications with variances been handled in a different manner in the last 6 months?  Answer – If so, why? No
    • Please confirm, If a renewal application approval is withdrawn as a result of concerns raised by nearby residents, the renewal application will be required to go through the standard process involving review by the Planning Commission. Answer – Yes.
    • Question regarding how cannabis-related compost is addressed in ordinances? Answer – no requirement about where this takes place (location/indoors or outdoors).  Cannabis waste can also be tilled back into the soil.
  • Public Comment
    • Concern was raised regarding Jill, Ric, and Heidi voting on this based on perception about ties to TAA.
    • Encouragement was shared to support this matter.
    • Shared that compost must be within the designated area.  Designated area term would have been used if the intent was to include all structures, etc.  Change of definition was administratively determined – no public input for change from a process that had been in place for years.  TC sales tax revenues were down 14% last year – how much because of cannabis operations being shut down?
    • Encouragement was provided to watch PC meetings to see how Commissioner Sharp treats staff and petitioners. Echoed concerns regarding the way the change in measuring was done without public input.
    • Echoed support for this measure.  Call for Chair Cox to recuse from cannabis-related matters.
    • Echoed support for this measure… focus on the benefit to the community at large.
    • Shared that she has been providing 5 stamped envelopes for use in reaching out to neighbors when applying with CCV
    • Translation provided for comments offered in support of this measure to benefit farmers and the county as a whole
    • Echoed reason for support of this measure. Pointed out the challenges that other businesses would face if they were suddenly told they had to stop operating because the rules had changed without notice or time to respond.
    • Cultivators are often required to adapt to changing rules.  Encouraged support of this measure to assist staff in moving the program forward.
    • Echoed encouragement to support this measure and echoed concerns regarding the treatment of staff by the Planning Commission.
    • Appreciation was shared for a Q&A session.  Additional questions – some answered immediately.
    • Echoed support for staff recommendation.  Call for the board to stop changing the rules all the time.  Must not impact existing/approved variances.  Support for changing the point of measurement back to the method that was previously used.
    • Echoed support of this measure and called for support of legacy cultivators
    • Echoed support for this measure and the many ways in which this could benefit staff, planning commission, cultivators, and the community at large
    • Shared that she has been paying fees for three years and had site-specific CEQA… and still couldn’t get approval to operate—shared concerns about some mitigation requirements.
    • Echoed support for this matter… noting that these are for renewals.  Highlighted challenges with setback requirements even on a 640-acre parcel (for an acre of canopy).
    • Shared that the grandfather clause protects operations affected by changes in rules that take place after approval.
    • CC Variances run with the license and must be renewed yearly… along with the license.
    • Notices – will they be the same or different?  Answer – The form will be new/different.  Newspaper notices will be the same.
    • Resolution Change proposed by staff – in the “resolved” … authorizes waiving CCV requirements for 2023 applications that meet the following requirements…
  • The board approved this item



4.3   Approve a budget adjustment for FY 22/23 for Grants Administration – Dept. 8193

  • The board approved this item

4.4 Approve the job description, set the salary range, add to the alphabetical listing of classifications and allocate to the Department of Transportation a Deputy Director of Transportation at range M291.

  • The board approved this matter.


5.1   Government Code Section 54954.5(c) – Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation.

  • Public Comment
    • Call for Chair Cox to recuse from this and all matters involving lawsuits

BOARD AGENDA & MINUTESclick here to access current and past agendas and minutes.  Note – work is underway to get current with the formal approval and publishing of minutes from board meetings.

BOARD VIDEO RECORDINGSclick here to access video recordings of board meetings.

I hope you find these updates of value.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.


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