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This board meeting included interesting updates from the U.S Forest Service and from UC Cooperative Extension representatives.  The board also addressed a new fee waiver policy, a funding request for the Cannabis Division, and more.

Here are the notes I took during the meeting. Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions that took place.


Board of Supervisors

Presentation from UC Cooperative Extension Community Economic Development Advisor, Alec Domka.

  • Larry Forero – Livestock and Natural Resources/County Director – Shasta-Trinity County
  • Trinity County’s participation in the UC Cooperative Extension began in 1946
  • Support Staff in Trinity County – Grace Hung, Admin Clerk II
    • 4H, Master Gardener Program, and more
  • Cal-Fresh Program
    • Close to a year since we presented about this in Trinity County
    • Nutrition Specialist position for Trinity County just filled
  • Community Economic Development
    • Aid in development of economic impact studies – developing new models and implementating traditional models
    • Maintains or creates community control of the development
    • Links disparate projects together into cohesive plans
    • The Community Capitals Framework (CCF) provides a comprehensive way to categorize a community’s assets and explore the relationships among them.
    • Provided examples covering a broad range of initiatives – from Dairy Farms, to Arts Programs, and more
    • Noted some examples already identified in Trinity County
      • Bowerman Barn and Mountain Bike Programs
    • We discussed the possibility of conducing an economic impact study regarding the cannabis industry in Trinity County.  Federal funding may be an obstacle.
    • Alec is here all week to gather input from interested parties throughout Trinity County

Clerk of the Board

Update from U.S. Forest Service representatives regarding matters of interest in Trinity County.

  • Forest Safety Manager presented
  • Have been burning piles from fuels management efforts covering 150 acres this year
  • Priority is to burn piles that have been created through previous fuels management program
  • Recent In-Person Hiring Event led to tentative offers being made for 21 positions in Shasta-Trinity region.
  • 25 new people in basic fire training today
  • Close to filling lead recreation position in Weaverville
  • Plan is to fill a full time position (Deputy District Ranger)
    • This would provide two people for four districts
  • Friday 3.24 – Weaverville Office open for applications
  • Saturday 3.25 – Hayfork Office open for applications
  • Working on website enhancements – will propose adding content of updates on the site.

Health and Human Services

Presentation of the Public Health Emergency Unwinding and Impact to Public Assistance

  • Tabatha Albers – Eligibility Program Manager
  • This presentation focused on the impact of the “unwinding” of the Public Health Emergency that was established years ago due to the pandemic
  • In person and telephonic interviews
    • Last month… 541 visits, 962 phone calls
  • There is an online portal for applications, Electronic Signatures can now be accepted
  • All lead to shorter turnaround times for benefits
  • 38% of Trinity County residents are receiving benefits
    • CalWORKS – 469
    • CalFresh – 2,978
    • Medi-Cal – 5,430
  • Additional monthly benefits will soon be ending
  • Eligibility must be re-evalutated for All MediCal participants in 2023
    • Residents should be looking out for information in the mail!


  • Comments regarding recent announcements of State support for Cannabis in Mendocino County
  • Comments recommending the Planning Commission being assigned as Buidling Department Appeals Board
    • Building Department Appeals Board is mentioned in county code… but none exists
    • Staff directed to bring information regarding this to the board.


Report from Department Heads

  • Cannabis Division | Drew Plabani
    • 404 Appendix C’s received
    • 146 Appendix C’s approved
    • 93 Picked Up (we are now seeing a higher percentage of approved licenses being picked up)

Report from County Administrative Officer

  • Veterans Services hosting town hall today
  • Loss Prevention Specialist – offer made to fill this key position

Report from Members of the Board of Supervisors

Dan Frasier

  • Traveled to Eureka for the North-coast Air Quality Board (appointed Vice Chair)

Ric Leutwyler

  • No out of county travel
  • Airport – working with residents regarding a Residential Through The Fence Agreement matter.  This has to do with private property that encroaches on Airport property – such as private hangars
  • PSA2 – participated in first meeting.  Chair Cox is also Chair of this board.
    • Recommended sharing information regarding services (nutrition, fall prevention, etc.) with VFDs since they often visit residents who might benefit from these services
  • Fire Chiefs Association
    • CalFire provided updates regarding new hazard safety maps
    • Shared information regarding AB38 which requires property sellers to ensure the property is inspected regarding home hardening and defensible space.
    • There is a form online for requesting the inspection which is done by one person who represents Shasta and Trinity Counties.
  • CSAC
    • Legislative Conference and Board meeting Mid-April in Sacramento
  • Cannabis Finances Ad Hoc
    • Role with this staff ad hoc committee ends today
  • Strategic Plan Ad Hoc – see below
  • Cannabis Ordinance Ad Hoc – see below
  • Workforce Development Workshop
    • Great event put on by Trinity Together and others
    • Highlighted workforce development resources and connected people who can leverage them
  • Appeals Training
    • Completing training required to handle certain types of appeals
  • Snow Maintenance
    • Potential solution has been pulled together
    • Next step is to share with VFDs for feedback prior to this being on our next board agenda
  • Community Action
    • Kudos to Brian Poe who invested many hours to get through to the right people at Verizon to address challenges that were not being acknowledged when residents used normal customer service channels
  • State of Emergency
    • OES launched online tool for reporting storm-related damage.
      • Note – your reports not only put your concerns on their radar… they help Trinity County make the case for funding and support

Jill Cox

  • RCRC Meeting in Sacramento
    • 2632 bills introduced by the February deadline
  • RCRC promoting
    • Hazardous waste dumping bill
    • AB1648 recycling bill to help rural counties
      • Working with Diane Raider and legislators
    • Several additional items mentioned – see video for additional information
  • Disaster Council Meeting
    • Recognized strong leadership and data collection efforts by OES
  • PSA2
    • Chair for this board
    • Strong and growing programs to support the elderly
    • Local church is providing meal program within Trinity County

Liam Gogan

  • Trinity County Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting
  • Dental health for children – potential new program coming
  • Watershed Council meeting
  • Fair Board Meeting
  • Douglas City VFD has new-to-them engine and truck

Heidi Carpenter-Harris

  • Burnt Ranch Water District visit – will need county support to implement grant
  • Met with Assemblyman Woods representative regarding damage in her district
  • DOT meeting regarding damage in her district
  • Collaborative Meeting
  • VOAG Meeting

Reports from Ad Hocs:

Good Neighbor Authority | Jill Cox

  • Ongoing meetings are going well
  • Some obstacles to overcome before we see impact of agreement

Strategic Plan | Ric Leutwyler

  • Work continues.  Ric Leutwyler had to miss the meeting last week due to the Special meeting of the board.  Staff continued based on the template and direction provided in advance of the meeting.

Trinity County Water | Liam Hogan & Heidi Carpenter-Harris

  • Nothing to report

Cannabis Ordinance | Dan Frasier & Ric Leutwyler

  • Held first meeting last week.
  • Work was well underway by staff and consultants
  • First draft should be to ad hoc this week or next
  • Two Public Workshops planned before proposed changes are brought before the board
  • Developing FAQs for distribution
  • Meeting weekly

Economic Development | Jill Cox & Ric Leutwyler

  • Our first presenter today is one of the people we’ve been in touch with regarding support of Trinity County Economic Development efforts
  • Work continues with private citizens, State and regional resources

Cannabis Budget | Drew Plebani, Staff & Ric Leutwyler

  • Presentation delivered later in agenda


3.5   Adopt a resolution regarding signature authorization for contracts, etc.

  • The board approved an amended version of this matter – noting authorization will be retroactive.

3.7   Find no objection to the issuance of a daily alcoholic beverage license to the Rotary Club of Weaverville to serve alcoholic beverages at their Dream Makers Gala and Auction to be held at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall in Weaverville, CA on April 15,2023.

  • This motion was approved after some supervisors recused themselves due to their Rotary membership.

3.14 Approve a budget adjustment for FY 22/23 for Local Law Enforcement Sheriff Realignment

  • The board approved this matter after clarification that this is not a request for additional general funds.

All other Consent Calendar items approved by the board.


Building and Development Services

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit Streamlining Ordinance

  • The board approved this matter – acknowledging that we have already received concerns from State representatives regarding additional limits incorporated into our ordinance.
  • Jill Cox, Ric Leutwyler, and County Counsel scheduled to meet with state representatives to discuss concerns.

Solid Waste

Annual Solid Waste Parcel Fee Schedule & Policy

  • The board approved this matter.



Cannabis Finances

Discuss the current status of the Cannabis Department’s budget, give direction to staff regarding providing a general fund contribution or advance – $971,772 from the General Fund

  • Presentation provided by Drew Plabani | Cannabis Division Director
  • The Cannabis Division is not receiving as much income this year as anticipated (for reasons explained in the presentation).
  • The Cannabis Division is not spending more money than budgeted.
  • Changes made in recent years dramatically reduced program revenues during this fiscal year
    • September 2021 – program shut down as a result of court order (non-compliance with settlement agreement)
    • requiring only 50% of permit fee in advance (vs 100% previously)
    • Implementation of credits for permits that did not get used for the full year (due to program being halted)
  • Detailed information provided regarding financial forecasts and the assumptions that drive them
    • millions of dollars have been generated for the General Fund and General Plan Fund as a result of the Cannabis Program.
    • the program has been self funding all other years and is forecasted to be self funding in all future years
    • Detailed assumptions and forecasts were provided to support these highlights
  • Noted that we still need to find someone to review fire safety plans
  • Public Comment
    • Questions raised regarding assumption that legal fees will be lower in future years
    • Concerns regarding how some fees (general plan funds, code enforcement fees, etc.) have been implemented and how some funds have been used
    • Encouragement provided to select option 4 in which all funds are transferred without requirement for repayment.
    • Concern voiced about where the $1M in funds comes from and how these funds could be used in other county departments, etc.
    • Concerns shared that not funding leaves the division unable to function/support the program and ordinances.
    • Comment that sales tax should also be considered
  • There was a great deal of discussion (and several motions) regarding the best way to address the revenue shortfall
    • to ensure that our program can be effectively implemented
    • to provide for continued (Cannabis Division-driven) financial contributions to the General Fund and General Plan Fund
  • The board voted to fund the Cannabis Division with a combination of a contribution and an advance.  The advance will be repaid to the General Fund over a 5 year period 

Clerk of the Board

Adopt a Resolution which adopts an amended Fee Waiver Policy.

  • Concerns raised about anyone being able to prove that they meet criteria established in the current policy.
  • Motion was made to grant CAO authority to review, approve or decline fee waiver requests up to $2,500.  Requests above this amount would be brought to the board.  The CAO will provide quarterly reports reflecting the results of fee waiver requests.
  • The board approved this motion

Fee Waiver Requests

  • Trinity Trail Alliance’s LaGrange Classic Mountain Bike Race
  • Lewiston Sparkies’ Old Lewiston Peddlers’ Faire 
  • North Fork Grange’s project to install a back-up generator

Motions were made for these matters to be handled under the newly establish policy with the CAO making this decision and to approve signing of the letter of support.

The board approved these motions.

County Administrative Office

  • Approve a budget adjustment for FY 22/23 for Animal Control. Increase in General Fund appropriations in the amount of $79,783.
  • The board approved this motion


  • Waive the reading of and enact an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 2.64.050 regarding various County fees.
  • The board approved this motion


Health and Human Services

  • Take actions regarding the Transit Driver and Transit Coordinator classifications:
  • The board approved this motion

Treasurer/Tax Collector

  • Adopt a resolution authorizing and approving the use and promotion of EasySmartPay, a third-party service providing taxpayers with the option to pay secured property taxes in monthly installments.No fiscal impact.
  • The board approved this motion.



This closed session covered both litigation and personnel matters.

I hope these notes are helpful in your efforts to stay informed about county matters.  For a more comprehensive understanding of what took place…


Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement