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The first BOS meeting of November included a number of important updates – including a presentation on the “Digital 299” broadband initiative, our Regional Transportation Plan, Veterans Services, and the USFS.

Here are the notes I took during the meeting. Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions that took place.


  • Digital 299 – Connie Stewart, Cal Poly Humboldt
    • Fiber Optics installation starts in Eureka, goes through Trinity County and continues to and through Redding.
    • In the other direction, this installation runs to Singapore/INDOPAC
      • No Chinese involvement in this initiative
    • Some “off-ramps” are in the plans, but there is room for more
    • Data centers are another opportunity… “Trinity County would be a great location due to inexpensive, green power”
    • Definitions
      • Middle Mile – high-capacity fiber lines that carry large amounts of data at high speeds and cover long distances.
      • Last Mile – the final leg of a network that provides service to the home, business, or community institution
      • Open Access – gives service providers wholesale access to broadband infrastructure – meaning any network type can interconnect, regardless of the technology used…
      • Unserved Communities – no internet connection
      • Underserved Communities – inadequate internet connection downloads less than 25 Mbps and uploads less than 3 Mbps
      • Timeline – all projects must be completed by December 2026
      • Equity – rural locations should have “equal access”
      • SB156 – over $6 billion ($2 B for the last-mile program)
    • The current plan includes 146 miles (middle miles) through Trinity County
      • Plans could include buying capacity from existing lines… vs installing new lines
      • Redundancy – this is part of the plan, but more work is needed in this area
    • Technical Grants
      • Up to 100% of costs up to $500,000
      • Reimbursement funding for Preconstruction work that facilitates last-mile broadband infrastructure
    • BEAD Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program
      • Additional $42.45 B in funding through this program
    • Anchor Institution Lists – entities that facilitate greater use of high-speed internet service.
      • More than just schools, libraries, hospitals,
      • Places where people gather, where internet access is key to the community
        • Fire stations, banks, etc.
        • Trinity County needs to identify our Anchor Institutions
    • Local provider participation in programs is key
      • There appears to be a communication gap as some local providers are not “looped in” on this initiative
      • Once permits are in place, there will be more in-person meetings
      • Understand that local providers need to take action for immediate needs as this initiative will take 4 years to complete
    • A number of additional funding sources with $ billion+ available
    • Presentation materials available through this agenda link
    • County Participation
      • Currently – CAO, Ed Prestley, Jill Cox
      • Recommendation by Keith Groves – establish a standing committee
  • USFS Update – Tara Jones
    • Fire restrictions have been lifted in some areas.
    • Touched on a number of other items including work in the Burnt Ranch area
    •  Good Neighbor Authority work continues – the goal for completion is the end of November
    • Open Houses scheduled throughout the county
  • Regional Transportation Plan – Jeff Schwein, Green DOT Transportation Solutions
    • This is a 20-Year Plan for Trinity County (updated every 5 years)
    • Presentation of draft plan – materials available through this agenda link
    • $998 Million proposed for projects on the plan
    • $496 Million – current shortfall in funding
      • Note – some of these are longer term projects with future opportunities to obtain funding.
    • Short Range – first 5 years of projects (confident in funding for these)
    • Mid Range – 6 to 10 years
    • Long Range –  11 to 20 years
    • Public input played a key role in the development of priorities
      • Public meetings throughout the county, surveys, etc.
    • The draft plan was published after this meeting.
    • This link will take you to the Regional Transporation Plan site.
    • We now enter a 30-day public comment period before finalizing the plan.
    • The Final Plan should be in place by January
    • Requirements to move to alternative fuel vehicles will drive substantial infrastructure projects.
      • These are not built into this plan.  The next plan (5 years from now) should reflect initiatives related to this.
      • Funding should come in conjunction with milestone requirements of the county.
      • Two groups currently working through rural community aspects of what lies ahead
      • Recommendation to stay in touch with these two groups and on related funding sources.
      • Trinity County has a draft ordinance for support of zero emissions vehicles (required by the state to be in place by Jan 2023)
  • Veterans Services – Jennifer Dobbs, TC Veterans Services Officer
    • Over 1,000 veterans in Trinity County
    • Over $4.6 million in benefits received by Trinity County Veterans
    • The board approved a proclamation related to Veteran recognition and support and the “Green Light” initiative

Public Comment

  • Planning Department Leadership – Concerns were raised regarding the “ongoing lack of qualified personnel in leadership positions within the Planning Department”
  • Commercial Cannabis Opt Out – A proposal for a new opt-out in the Mountain View area of Lewiston was presented.  This included documented support from over 80% of residents within the boundaries of the proposed opt-out area.

Department Head Updates

  • Grants & Housing
    • Our new ambulance is on its way for Southern Trinity
  • Sheriff’s Office
    • The final items on the checklist for the new jail are being completed
    • Expect to be in the new jail by Thanksgiving
    • The Animal Shelter is full – we are unable to take in additional animals and have limited resources/options for taking animals to other shelters
      • Manager/ACO Position – this was not approved in the recent budget process
      • Hoping to be back to BOS soon with a proposal for funding this role
  • Cannabis Division
    • The first stakeholders meeting took place ast Friday – 60 people in attendance
      • Planning another meeting in Hayfork
      • Focus of meetings is on the newly approved Equity Program
    • 67 compliance memos noticed
    • 7 more are expected in the newspaper this week.
    • 42 licenses issued
    • 74 completed CEQA documents in total

CAO Update

  • Department Head Meeting
    • Strategic Plan Implementation Team in development
  • RFP for (financial) collection services ready to roll out later this month
  • Tub Grinder – working on brush piles, fully operational by Spring, working on a potential use-fee schedule
  • General Plan Updates
    • Community Meetings begin tonight and continue through the week

BOS Updates

  • Jeremy Brown
    • Humboldt Transit Authority – working on hydrogen fuel vehicles.  Hoping to reopen discussions about working with TPUD to produce hydrogen
    • The zero Emissions Ordinance approved
  • Liam Gogan
    • Attended the Tub Grinder demonstration.  Learned about ongoing funding requirements related to this equipment.  Need to confirm this is financially viable for our county.
  • Dan Frasier
    • Action Committee Meeting – participated in this meeting.  Noted low-income subsidies are available for utility bills, winterization, etc.
  • Jill Brown
    • North State Economic Development Summit
      • Ongoing discussions related to what was learned at this event
    • Main Street Trees – ongoing meetings/discussions
    • Broadband Initiative Meetings
    • Firesafe Council Meetings are underway around the county
    • Time to renew annual burn permit
    • Community Economic Resilience Fund
      • $5 Million received for use in the Northern California region
      • 11.7.22 Meeting with our NorCal representative to discuss Trinity County participation
      • Established a RoundTable to work on this initiative
    • Grand Jury – need 2023 members
  • Keith Groves
    • CSAC – housing and land use items underway
      • AB2234 – time limit for approval of permit applications.  This may present challenges to our county staff
    • County Flag – shared an image of our existing County Flag.
      • Currently at Sheriff’s Office and Elementary School
    • Hoopa Tribe suing the federal government over damage to Trinity River
      • Important for us to stay involved in the management of the river
    • Sierra Nevada Convervancy
      • Trinity County is a relatively new participant.
      • District 1 representative should be involved going forward
    • CSAC Representative
      • Trinity County needs to select a representative for the future
      • Keith will be representing the county at the meeting next week

Cannabis Ad Hoc Update

  • Mountain View Opt Out Proposal – all documentation submitted electronically to staff.  Now up to the board to determine the priority of addressing this request.
  • Steady progress in process of reviewing applications
  • Met with tribal members who voiced concerns regarding appropriate notification related to permits/licences.
  • Activity related to the committee is winding down.  Should be able to eliminate the committee soon.

Consent Calendar

  • 3.4 and 3.5 pulled from the consent calendar
  • All other items approved by the BOS

Trinity County Fair Association Board

  • Marjie Watkins approved as the new representative for District 1 – for the duration of Keith Groves’ term
  • Reappointment would be required to continue beyond Keith Grove’s term

Trinity Life Support Services District

  • A second letter of interest was received one day past the deadline.
  • Some concerns were raised about considering a letter received past the deadline as others might have submitted letters if they knew they would be accepted past the deadline.
  • Decision made to re-open the period for accepting letters of interest for this position… bringing this back to the board for the first meeting of December.

Public Hearings

  • Homelessness Action Plan
    • Notice that the current application is focused on covering staff costs
    • No public comment
  • Community Development Block Grant COVID project
    • Purchase of Subaru van with a divider to provide COVID-related protection is now complete.
    • No public comment

County Matters

  • Budget Adjustment – Approved
  • Retention Bonus Clarifications
    • Questions were raised regarding qualifications/restrictions that might apply to the retention bonus awards previously approved by the board.
    • The board approved a motion that addressed each of the questions raised by staff
      • County Staff should reach out to the Human Resources department for details
  • Planning & Zoning (Appeal)
    • The appeal regarding a Planning Commission decision resulted in the board upholding the ruling.

I hope these notes are helpful in your efforts to stay informed about county matters.  For a more comprehensive understanding of what took place…

You can watch any portion of the meeting on YouTube with this link. 

You can access the board agenda (including links to related documents) with this link.

Sharing Information | Encouraging Engagement