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This board included a presentation from the U.S. Forest Service, departmental updates, and (among other things) important discussions/decisions related to the General Plan.

Here are the notes I took regarding the meeting. Please understand that this is not a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions.


Clerk of the Board

1.1 Receive an update from U.S. Forest Service representatives regarding matters of interest in Trinity County.

  • Tara Jones | USFS
  • Deep Fire is at 100% containment
  • South Fork Fire is at 90% containment
  • Fuels contracts in place for Monument Fire
  • Completed 330 acre project for thinning… working on another
  • The prescribed fire letter will be out this week – 25 to 35 acres of burning planned
  • The Bowerman project should be signed and ready to implement by the end of the year.
  • Additional projects were mentioned as well.
  • Multiple field trips are taking place this week – including one in the Weaverville Community Forest
    • Adding spots due to demand for the local field trip
  • Still hiring.
  • Ben Sundal is now a permanent member of our local Forest Service leadership team.
  • Appreciation was offered for county support of USFS initiatives and events.


  • Pedestrian Safety in Weaverville – shared interest in additional safety measures such as flashing lights at crosswalks, etc.  She noted that a friend of hers was hit in this area during her high school years.  Hoping for more pedestrian-friendly measures.  Would like more information about what is happening and what is planned.




2.1 I. Report from Department Heads

  • Ruby Fiero | Probation
    • Offered appreciation for support in pushing back on pending legislation that could have a negative impact on our ability to put available funds to use.
    • Highlighted AB271 – the state is looking at changes in how funds are directed for use.  Still waiting on details.
    • The Treatment Court Grant has closed. We can still provide support in this arena.
    • The Parent Project Program – has started the second cohort with 12 adults who have 20 children in their homes.
  • Shanna White | Elections…
    • The March Primary process is underway.  Shared details regarding the process, dates, and local positions up for elections – including Districts 2, 3, and 5 County Supervisors.
    • Dec 8th and 11th… open until 5 PM for candidates.  Usually close at 4 PM
  • Liz Hamilton | Health & Human Services
    • Operation Green Light – a national campaign to support veterans.  Nov 6-12.
    • Our Veterans Service Officer has moved to new offices at Airport Road – next to the office of Environmental Health.

II. Report from County Administrative Officer

  • Broadband – CA PUC efforts continue to move along.  The focus is on the middle-mile aspects of this comprehensive initiative.  This is in addition to the Digital 299 initiative
  • Water Matters – reconsultation efforts continue.  Comments due Oct 16 – emphasizing the need for separate environmental studies for the Trinity River aspect of this process/program
  • He will be attending insurance-related board meetings later this week.

III. Reports from Members of the Board of Supervisors (9:29 AM)

  • District 1 | Ric Leutwyler
    • Economic Development efforts continue.  The CERF funding opportunity is moving along more slowly than anticipated.  We continue to work to position Trinity County to be successful.
    • Workforce Development – met yesterday with a special committee assigned to work with NoRTEC Staff and service Providers.  Great progress is being made.  The full board will be engaging in strategic planning discussions in our next meeting.
  • District 2 | Jill Cox
    • Crosswalk Safety – has reached out to CalTrans and is awaiting a response.  Some focus on better illumination of crosswalks.
    • RCRC –
      • Golden State Finance Authority – reminder of this organization’s program for down payment assistance for home buyers.  35 CA county employees have taken advantage of this program.
      • $68,000 raised via the basket fundraising initiative ($5,300 for Trinity County basket)
      • Mentioned several legislative matters that RCRC either sponsored or opposed.
      • Recycling – involved in ongoing discussions to support recycling in Trinity County.  Currently we don’t have funds to support transport recycled items that we collect.
      • Resiliency Dashboard – noted that Trinity County is not represented in this dashboard.  She is following up to encourage Trinity County’s representation.
      • Economic Development
    • Governors Taskforce Meeting – will be attending this and the local field trip
    • Senator McGuire
      • Discussed funding matters.  Shared examples of state requirements that are not supported by funding.
      • Discussed housing needs in Trinity County.  A follow-up discussion is scheduled.
  • District 3 | Liam Gogan
    • Out-of-county travel to participate in RCRC
    • TMC – voted against using the Winter Variable Flow approach again this coming year
      • Introduced the potential use of two independent sources for researching and reporting on matters related to reconsultation.
    • Attended both Cannabis Public Workshops
  • District 4 | Heidi Carpenter-Harris
    • No out-of-county travel
    • Attended recent Cannabis Ordinance Public Workshop
    • Possible Agenda Items
      • Consider an ordinance regarding a limit on the number of cats that can be owned by individual residents
      • Consider revisiting the vehicle abatement program – funding and process.
      • Direction was provided to staff to prepare something regarding these matters for board consideration on future agendas
  • District 5 | Dan Frasier
    • Attended committee meeting in Orland.
      • Voted to move funds from allocated to Trinity County to another that has much higher county-specific demands for these funds.
      • Strategic planning efforts are getting underway
      • Updated Bylaws and MOU
    • North Coast Unified Air Quality District  – canceled due to lack of quorum (conflict with CSAC)

IV. Reports from Ad Hocs:

A. Trinity County Water

  • Nothing else to report

B. Cannabis Ordinance

  • Completed the first two public workshops.  Both meetings had strong attendance and 3 full hours of engagement regarding opportunities to improve on the draft ordinance.
  • A second meeting in Weaverville tomorrow evening. Plans for another meeting in Hayfork on Thursday evening.
  • Recordings of the workshops, the agenda, the presentation materials, and the working draft are all available via links on the Cannabis Division website.
  • Public input regarding this proposed update is critically important.
  • The workshops are not the only means of sharing input.  We have already received a lot of feedback via the email address.
  • Staff is compiling a collection of input received via all channels.
  • It’s important to note that the Ad Hoc Committee did not have time to discuss all of the content included in the working draft.  We made a conscious decision to share with the public to gather input before finalizing the document for review by the Planning Commission.
  • The committee’s role has been to act as a sounding board and to bring up issues that have been raised to the board.
  • The Ad Hoc Committee will be reviewing input and making changes to the document before it is shared with the Planning Commission

C. Economic Development

  • RCRC Deputy Director of Economic Development – he shared information that can help us move our plans forward.  He has also arranged meetings with others who can provide assistance.


  • Chair Cox reported that no reportable action was taken on two items reviewed in recent closed sessions.


  • The board voted to approve all items on the consent calendar.


Board of Supervisors

4.1 Waive the reading of and enact an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 8.44.020 pertaining to General Regulations, introduced on September 19, 2023.

  • The board voted to approve this matter.

Health and Human Services

4.2 Introduce and waive the reading of an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 2.70 pertaining to Partnership HealthPlan of California Commission.

  • Liz Hamilton is our representative for this board.
  • The board voted to approve this matter.

Human Resources (10:03 AM)

4.3 Pursuant to Trinity County Code Section 2.60.410(A) authorize hiring Candidate No. 55051405 as an Extra Help Records Technician II, at Range G172 Step D in the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. $21.96 per hour for actual hours worked plus applicable payroll taxes at A step, and $25.42 per hour for actual hours worked plus applicable payroll taxes at D step.

  • Laila Cassis | Human Resources
  • Shared information regarding the extensive experience of the candidate – in support of the request for approval of a higher pay level.
  • The board voted to approve this matter

Planning and Zoning

  • Discussion that the established process for bringing matters of this type to the board for action was not followed.  This meant that the board was not able to vote on these matters today.
  • Public Comment
    • Statement that the General Plan is the Planning Commission’s document.  Asserted that the board’s role is limited to funding.

4.5 Discuss and/or provide direction to staff regarding the revised draft Vision and Guiding Principles for the General Plan. (10:16 AM)

  • Public Comment
    • A question was raised as to whether this was presented to the Planning Commission.  Confirmation was provided that the Planning Commission did review and provide input.
    • Concern was raised that a recommendation from the Planning Commission should have been made to the Board.  Confirmation was provided that the Planning Commission did review and provide a recommendation… though the specific wording of this recommendation was not accessible.
    • One of our Planning Commissioners shared that the minutes of the meeting indicated that this was reviewed but did not include the details of the direction provided.  She shared that she (personally) feels that the version shared with the board reflects many of the changes recommended by the commission.
  • Board Discussion
    • Hazards & Safety – direction to correct a typo (remove repetitive “that”)
    • Land Use, Housing & Zoning – direction to incorporate “workforce housing” into the statement.
  • The board voted to provide direction to staff that this matter be put on the Planning Commission agenda for action as soon as possible and to return this to the board for consideration/action as soon as possible.

4.4 Discuss and/or provide direction on community boundaries to be used in building Community Plans for Weaverville, Hayfork, Douglas City, Junction City, Lewiston, Hyampom, Post Mountain, and Trinity Center, as part of the General Plan Update process.

(NOTE – item 4.5 was heard before item 4.4)

  • Public Comment
    • Comment from “member of Covington Mill neighborhood within the Trinity Center community.”  Shared concern with how the Trinity Center community boundaries are presented – and offered a map showing an alternative approach. Provided input in support of this proposed alternative approach.
    • A fellow member of the Covington Mill neighborhood spoke in support of the previous recommendation. Provided additional details in support of the alternative approach.
    • A Junction City resident shared similar feedback (as above) regarding the boundaries presented for the Junction City community.  She noted that Canyon Creek and Helena areas are not included within the boundaries. She shared that she did participate in the process of establishing community vision and boundaries. Offered her ongoing support of this process and recognition of strong work being done by those involved in the process.
    • Support was provided for the input by members of the Trinity Center area.  Suggested that historical boundaries set for the North Lake area be considered as an alternative.
  • Board Discussion
    •  The board and County Counsel discussed process requirements which indicated that General Plan items should go through the Planning Commission for a formal recommendation before they are brought to the board for consideration/action.
    • The board voted to provide direction to staff that both the selection of areas covered by Community Plans and the boundaries of these plans be put on the Planning Commission agenda as an action item as soon as possible and to return this to the board as an action item as soon as possible.


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