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This special meeting of the board included just two items. The first was to appoint a new Planning Commissioner for District 2. The second item was to consider changes to an outdated ordinance. This meeting lasted less than 30 minutes.

Here are the notes I took regarding the meeting. Please understand that this is not a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions.


These items include non-routine, or controversial matters and are listed alphabetically by department. A member of the Board or Staff may request that an item be heard out of order.

Board of Supervisors

1.1 Discuss and/or take action to appoint Supervisor Cox’s selection for Planning Commissioner District 2 to serve the remainder of the 4-year term.

  • Jill Cox | District 2 Supervisor – introduced the matter and confirmed her selection of Amelia Fleitz as the new Planning Commissioner for District 2.
  • The board approved Supervisor Cox’s selection. Amelia Fleitz is now the District 2 Planning Commissioner.



1.2 Introduce and waive the reading of an ordinance amending Trinity County Code Section 12.08 pertaining to Setbacks along Highways. No Fiscal Impact

  • Panos Kokkas | Road Commissioner
    • This ordinance was written in 1956. Today’s recommended changes the distance of setbacks and it clarifies how the distance will be measured. It also authorizes the Road Commissioner some level of discretion in approving exemptions.
    • This language is from the backup material. The Road Commissioner/County Engineer may modify the above setback requirements based on safety considerations and engineering principals. Modification of the setback requirements must be in accordance with the intent and purposes of this of section, and will not be considered if detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare.
    • Provided clarity regarding different types of roads – explaining that funding and rules apply differently to each type of road.
  • Public Comment
    • Naomi Goulette | Owner – Trinity Nursery – acknowledged the letter she submitted regarding the need for changes to this ordinance. She also shared concerns regarding the existing ordinance and the disparity in how it has been implemented.  She encouraged the board to approve this matter.
    • Additional comments were offered in support of this matter – calling for the need for an approach that better supports economic development. Emphasized the importance of clarity for ordinances. Raised concerns for ongoing confusion due to differences in determining the point considered the edge of the road. Also asked for quicker response of parties to identify potential roadblocks.
    • Additional concerns were raised regarding the criteria for determining the edge of the road.
  • Board Discussion
    • Clarification was requested regarding the identification of the road’s edge. Clarification was provided.
    • The board approved this matter as presented.
    • The board also directed staff to prioritize support for the Nursery project (which brought the need for changes to the board’s attention) so that it can be moved forward as expeditiously as possible.


Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement


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