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This special meeting of the BOS meeting was called primarily to address the appointment of a new Interim CAO.  Here are the notes I took during the meeting. Please understand that this is not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of discussions and decisions that took place.


  • The board approved an increase in max costs associated with additional lines at the new Jail facility.  This will address problems experienced with emergency communications in some parts of the county.
    • No specific date was offered for completion of the project.  The Sheriff indicated that this should be completed relatively quickly.
    • 2.5.23 Update – Sheriff Saxon informed me to day that he will have an update regarding this during our 2.7.23 BOS meeting.


  • The board approved the appointment of Elizabeth Hamilton as Interim CAO.
    • This action was necessary as Letty Garza had worked the maximum number of hours allowed.


I hope these notes are helpful in your efforts to stay informed about county matters.  For a more comprehensive understanding of what took place…


Sharing Information  |  Encouraging Engagement