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Mentoring – Grow by Giving Back

Mentoring others is a great opportunity give back…and to grow.  My role as a Venture Mentor for Arizona State University has given me the opportunity to work with founders across several industries. While my primary focus is on helping them, I always come away from these engagements with something that helps me continue to grow.

Each person I  mentor brings something different to the table – interesting perspectives, fresh ideas, new approaches and unique challenges and opportunities.  I always start by learning as much as I can about the individual(s), their goals, progress, challenges, ideas and priorities.  Only then do I begin to draw on my own experiences for ways in which I can be of assistance.

This process of seeking to understand before seeking to be understood not only leads to a more productive relationship, it also provides an opportunity for me to see and process things differently than I have in the past.  It’s a great way to keep learning and growing.

Want to learn more about mentoring and ASU’s efforts to encourage and nurture innovation? Here is a recent ASU Online article about my role as a Venture Mentor for ASU –

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My work journey has taken me from dishwasher to CEO, from fast food to cloud-based technology, from Davenport, Iowa to more than 30 countries around the globe. Along the way, I have enjoyed leading, contributing, mentoring, strategizing, innovating and giving back. One important lesson learned along the way is that there are opportunities to make a difference in all aspects of our lives. This has made the journey all the more rewarding.

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