Aim for Greatness

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Setting your sights on greatness matters to your team, your customers and your bottom line. Perfection is elusive. Greatness is inspiring. Don't settle. I have to admit, this is one I've struggled with over the years.  My drive to always do better would often end up as a pursuit of perfection. I learned the hard [...]

Mentoring – Grow by Giving Back

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Mentoring others is a great opportunity give back...and to grow.  My role as a Venture Mentor for Arizona State University has given me the opportunity to work with founders across several industries. While my primary focus is on helping them, I always come away from these engagements with something that helps me continue to grow. [...]

Engage Heart & Mind

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Engaging both heart and mind is not always easy...but it is always worth the effort. With all eyes on the bottom line, many leaders simply don't see the value of truly engaging team members. For organizations like these, clear goals and strong accountability are the keys to success.  While I'm a big fan of clear [...]

Is it Time for a Different Point of View?

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Sometimes our need for a different point of view is obvious. We find ourselves stuck, frustrated…feeling ourselves struggling to move forward. Sometimes we’re pretty oblivious to the need.  We are enjoying a sense of momentum and reveling in what feels like real progress.  We just aren't aware that we are actually heading down the wrong [...]

Innovate With Purpose

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Innovating with purpose channels the creativity of your team into the realization of your vision. Go beyond thinking outside of the box - eliminate the box! Then join your team in creating a new reality. It seems that everyone is on board with the need to innovate. Yet we see so few examples of strong and [...]

Would you jump off a Bridge?

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Well, would you....jump off a bridge?  I did.  Let me set the stage a bit for this story. When our daughters were young, I loved sharing time with them...on their terms. We played with dolls, enjoyed "tickle monster" attacks, played the "dream game" and hung out watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Sure, there were lots of [...]

Be Intentional

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Living and leading with intention is not always an easy thing. Think about it.  We spend most of our time responding to what is happening around us. We reply to emails, we return calls, we “like” something on Facebook, we react to something someone says or does.  And, most often, our response is not grounded [...]

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