Innovate With Purpose

Innovating with purpose channels the creativity of your team into the realization of your vision. Go beyond thinking outside of the box - eliminate the box! Then join your team in creating a new reality. It seems that everyone is on board with the need to innovate. Yet we see so few examples of strong and effective commitment to innovation.    [...]

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Would you jump off a Bridge?

Well, would you....jump off a bridge?  I did.  Let me set the stage a bit for this story. When our daughters were young, I loved sharing time with them...on their terms. We played with dolls, enjoyed "tickle monster" attacks, played the "dream game" and hung out watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Sure, there were lots of other things I could have [...]

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In Search of Blind Spots

I find myself in search of blind spots. No, not the - "Crap, I almost drove someone off the road" - kind of blind spots. I'm talking about the blind spots we have in life...not in the car. We all have them. And much like the blind spots in our car, we can miss a lot and sometimes cause a [...]

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Will You Help me Change Lives?

My heart hurts when I think of the more than 20 million orphans in Southern Africa.  For many, it's hard to even conceive that every 15 seconds another African child is orphaned due to AIDS.  It’s likely even harder for most people to imagine what life is like for these children.  I hope you will try.  More so, I [...]

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Embracing the Journey II

It seems that we are often so busy doing what we are "supposed" to do that we leave precious little time and energy for the things we want to do.  And regardless of what we are doing, our focus on getting it done often gets in the way of enjoying the experience. Late last year I wrote about my desire to [...]

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Be Intentional

Living and leading with intention is not always an easy thing. Think about it.  We spend most of our time responding to what is happening around us. We reply to emails, we return calls, we “like” something on Facebook, we react to something someone says or does.  And, most often, our response is not grounded in a specific intent – [...]

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